How can I connect my ipod with my car(saturn)?

Answer #1

i think you’ll need a RCA cable

Answer #2

theres this thing you can buy that lets you do that like an ipod car dock, go to future shop or something

Answer #3

:0 is it very diff than a usb?

Answer #4

lol,” this thing”, what does it look like?

Answer #5

hmm i don’t think so… becuzzzz a usb cable is a cable that is used to connect a device to a computer or laptop, or something. you couldn’t plug a usb into a car!

Answer #6

Go to Best Buy. They have cables you can hook up to your stereo (provided it’s not a prehistoric stereo) and then when you plug the cable into your ipod, voila!! You may need to have someone that knows how to do the wiring install it, though.

Answer #7

=/ i think it might just be that..prehistoric it’s a saturn and it doesn’t have a cd player, just a cassette player, radio, not sure what else

Answer #8

Cassette player eh? You might just be in luck. Go to the store and look for a CD to Cassette adapter. Its basically a cassette with a wire sticking out of it like 3-4 feet long with a headphone plug on the end. You might have to try different brands, as car stereos can be a bit fussy. This will guaranteed work, as the headphone plug sizes are the same. Should be about 10 bucks or so.

Answer #9

an RCA cable is different than a USB. RCA is what like a DVD player plug looks like.

Answer #10

wait.. so how does that connect to my ipod? seeing that…… OHHH gotchya :) if it works I’ll give u points :)

Answer #11

Sounds like a plan.

Answer #12

depends. i prefer to buy a modern radio that has AUX so u can plug it in and get the best sound possible. 2nd option is to get the cassette, if u have a cassette player, not the best sound. third is to get teh fm transmitter, real pain in the _ to listen to but get it if u really need it.

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