How to eliminate this confusion about my sexual orientation?

I am confused with my sexual orientation.
I thought I was a gay but I have some feelings about girls too. my problem is known to some friends who want me to be normal and start liking girls..I am trying to change myself for them because they love me a lot and care for me.. I had really started changing for few days.. but some days before, I have developed a hugeee crush on a guy again... when I told my friends this problem, they got 2 much worried... I cant seem to get this guy out of my mind... also I am only son, so if I dont marry a girl, the generation would stop so this is my other tension. none of my family members knows about my problem and I know that they are against such things. please help me fast
I am going to try to be straight only for a month and then if it works bingo or else I have to consider myself as gay

please help me I m tooo confused to study and my grades are getting affected..
HELP needed fast

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this is for tina todder

my friends "do" care for me so I dont need new friends. they are just worried about my future. they have already accepted me as they are but they just want me to be normal for my family ...

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uh all that is needed is your spermie and some ladies eggy, it's not like you need to spend the rest of your life married to a woman when the world knows you're gay... there are many ways to reproduce if there is no bride involved, we no longer live in the stone age if you don't know..THE WORLD DOES USE MODERN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY... do some freaking research!!! it's not like you are the only gay human in the world that wanted to have a biological child, gay couples do it ALL the time, and live normal lives raising that child. it's like whatever. you are who you are, nobody can change that.

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I would really consider you spend time with a girl, and a guy,and you YOU. decide which one you like more, and find urself more comfortable around, and all of that. liking girls would be good so the generation could continue. but only if you insists. :] good luck.

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so? whats going to go wrong with your future being gay?

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if your friends actually DID care about you, they would accept you being straight, OR gay. the first thing you should do is find new friends. find people who will support you in this time of confusion, like your family. tell them. you could just be bisexual, and there is nothing wrong with that. just accept yourself for what you are.

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You do have good friends because most kids would make fun of you for that. I wouldnt because people thought that I was gay for a long time and I'm not but it started to get to me. Then my real friends helped me out and got evryone to stop. Also don't worry about keeping your generation going... its your choice and you really dont have to tell your family... How old are you too because at some point everyone gets feelings like that

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how can I reproduce if I am gay?

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