Confused does masterbating stop puberty from starting

im 16 and I don't show any sins of puberty, does masterbating stop puberty from starting

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I am 13 and have been masterbating since I was like 9 or 10 and I hit puberty

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well I masturbate and I'm 13 and I already hit puberty so yeah.

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Dear rickert,
no it doesn't stop puberty...if you are concerned about puberty delay go to your local health clinic.
Sue...good luck

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who knows
but stop mastrubating?

masterbate with ice
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ewww dont masterbate your killin things that rnt even born into the world yet that is almost like murder so stop.

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your never going to hit puberty now hahah your problem just kidding see your fAMILY docter

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im 15 and I never started puberty yet either , and im getting testostrone shots to help it , and masterbateing dont affect it

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