When do girls start masterbating?

I was just wonderin when do girls start masterbating...my girlfriends 14 and I've wondered if shes started yet..girls can you help me out?

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well i've been masterbating for a while now and im 14 so i think its pretty much after you start your period cuz u get horny and stuff

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well, i started after i got my period like a little less than a year after. so, i hope this helped

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I started like after my period 12 I stuck thootbrushes up there and when I wasnt scared I did it deep ans then I used really fat things it hurts en you stick a fat thingin at first but when you go up and down on it you feel so horny now in 16 and some time I get aliitle horny wit my boyfriend but we really dont do nothing just feel each other but not my viginal or his dick yet

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Most of my friends started when they were 13. They say that many females do while they're in the wombs of their mother and some young children touch themselves without knowing what they're doing.

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I masterbate and im 13 wid and eletric tooth brush

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I hv started when 1 was 13 after my period. so its natural that girls start it after their period.in some cases it is different.

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Half of teenage girls masturbate regularly, and 75 percent will do so before their 18th birthdays.

Most start during or soon after puberty. A few start before puberty. Many don't start masturbating until their late teens, and some females never masturbate.

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