Do you ever wonder what other (more common) FA members sound like/look like... what accents, voice etc?

Answer #1

I have oddly enough haha :) Cause were all from different places it’d be interesting to actually hear eachother and try to match a voice to a face.

Answer #2

What do you think i sound like ? :)

Answer #3

LOL, no offense to anyone…but not really… I used to think that way before i played an online game & we had to use this program called ventrilo and actually heard people voices…let me tell ya…wasnt a pleasant experience!
this way it doesnt matter if someone’s voice is too low, or too high or just plain seductive(as i have been told 1000000000000x) it is really annoying when people keep trying to hit on you because you have a seductive voice. (its like, “I didnt ask for this voice…i know it is soothing & sexy & seductive, but please just drop the whole come on routine…:P”

that’s why I feel like this here really works out awesome…no voice, no need for a real pic either, just to get hit on some more…just plain real heart filling advice to those that need it & fun advice to make others laugh…:)

Answer #4

Haha now i wonder if your some celebrity or model or something ;p

Answer #5

Grr. ;)

Answer #6

rawr ;)

Answer #7

Growll ;)

Answer #8

cough i think your boyfriend needs to let you have a girlfriend while youre dating him cough :] ;)

Answer #9

though the law would send me off to prison :( i’m almost 20 haha. I actually think if i genuinely sat him down he wouldn’t mind as long as i was upfront with him haha.

Answer #10

LOL, thanks for the kind words…but if I were either then I probably wouldnt have had this much time to offer people so much advice on here…I would be busy at some photo shoot on sight, out of the country somewhere or at some party mingling with other celeb friends/models while dropping in to give you guys stories about what went on…lmfao! Mackenzie you are too too cute! ♥

Answer #11

no it wouldnt :( ill be 17 soon :D we aint havin sex :P

Answer #12

Maybe you were some famous model and now your staying on the downlow giving great advice in your free time…hmm i’m actually wondering…unmask yourself mysterious temptress! ;p

Answer #13

haha whens your birthday anyways hun? :)

Answer #14

September 22nd :D

Answer #15

Yay :) Do you have any plans plans? I should fly down to texas and surprise you by poping out of a cake! ;) with some pokemon plushies hehe

Answer #16

YES you should :]

Answer #17

LOL, your too funny…and so sweet…trust me i am not a model nor have I ever been one…nothing famous about me…if anything the reason why i am on here offering people free advice is to try to help make the world a better place…i know what it felt like to come from nothing, and work hard to just make it through another day…dealt with abandonment,violence of all kinds from sexual abuse/emotional abuse/verbal abuse & physical abuse….all before I even hit my 17th b-day…only thing is I had no one there to help me, talk to me or advise me about how to cope with everything or deal with my pain…finally when i was old enough to get passed it i was also hurt by my ex-husband, his betrayals, and have dealt with my own demons & depressions…every day is a struggle to cope with the pain & the emptiness that linger in our hearts & souls…and if I can help someone with my knowledge or experience, that in some sick twisted way it helps me know that maybe just maybe I can help prevent some more suffering or some comfort to someone else…so maybe now you can understand why I say I am not a model or a celeb or anything special…I am just me…trying to help by offering some free advice to those in need of it in any way i can! hugs ♥

Answer #18

Sometimes only when they are my friends..

Answer #19

easily solved… im the 1 recording :p just a bit of background. this lazy sod sleeps from 3amish till neally 6pmish and while he was asleep each day for neally 3 weeks i converted his whole garage into another room. hes likes to call it his urban dimensional space lol

Answer #20

Yes, I wonder that all the time, and the times I have heard them via video I found it quite amusing. But then again, I’ll also sound strange probably.

Answer #21

i would most likely sound way different from you guys as English is not my first language ;S

Answer #22

tehe you sound like I thought you would

Answer #23

I actually do know what some of the people here sound like…very few of them were what I expected, lol

Answer #24

I think voice chat would be a good feature for FunAdvice. As long as it was optional, some people like voice chat some don’t.

Answer #25

i asked for that for the upgrade but it didnt come :( but saying that, there are free public teamspeak 3 servers that allow you to password protect teh channel… ive not used them cus well their public.

Answer #26

lol :D

Answer #27

Haha ya’ll would probley laugh at my southern redneck accent and some of he words and phrases i use.

Answer #28

lol i do too :) i sound like a girl (cuz i am…that was dumb to say) and, in my personal opinion, im ugly.

Answer #29

ah really? I wonder if a lot of people on FA agreed that there should be VC, if they would consider doing it then. Maybe a vote? They might already be working on it, or planning on working on it from when you requested it, but it might take a while, I am sure they have other things they have to do first.

Answer #30

huge list of things that need to be done first, lol….but it doesn’t hurt to suggest ;)

Answer #31

Yea, I figured, I read a lot of past questions using the search box on here, FA just recently re-did the whole website, so I figured that it would be a while before all the tools, and website was working like FA wants it to. I know it takes a lot of work and time to get everything working. I guess after they get everything done, then they will start taking the suggestions into consideration.

Answer #32

yeah i sound like matt but with a high pitched girly voice LOL :P

Answer #33

no i havent but when you think about it it does make you curious… lol

Answer #34

lol, definetly not what I expected but pretty cool :)

Answer #35

Okay everybody! So this is what I think we should do… Upload a vid of us talking but not our face and try to match the voice to the FA member! hahahahaha but seriously… XD

Answer #36

Can we actually? That’d be so fun!

Answer #37

I do. That’d be pretty cool. According to people I have this really deep voice. When this chick first heard my voice talking to me on the phone she imagined me being really tall and blonde lol

Answer #38

Always… I mean sometimes It like almost gets me mad because idk… it just does you know… But yeah all the time lol

Answer #39

I do wonder a times and I do know what some of them sound like :) They weren’t what I expected I’ll tell you that much!

Answer #40

hahhaa and give clues to who we are :P

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