What make's yu follow certain ppl on FA ?

A. u like the way they look

B. u like there questions, and there advice

C. because yu think there a sick a$$ awesome person

D. because yu think if yu follow them they will follow yu back and yu just want alot of followers

E. because there is nothing better to do

F. all the above

Answer #1

The answers they give

Answer #2

Its rare that i follow people so when i do so its not just at random. Most of the people i choose to follow because they give good advice, they have similar interest as i do, they are around my age (since im in the minority on the site being older), and most of all that they seem educated and drama free.

Answer #3

The answers they give, like how they answer them. How they look are the trustworthy. Sometimes I’ll just people because I can expect the best answers from them or add them because we have some things in common. I added you because I wanted to get to know you better Mr. Kane sir.

Answer #4

I don’t really follow people on here, just because I don’t know them and I probobly wont talk to them so why follow them? But I guess that sometimes the answers they give sound very good, so you just want to get closer to them or something?

Answer #5

I follow people because they either give good advice, or because they’re supportive and kind people. I also follow people who help me out a lot when I ask a question.

Answer #6

u actually choose 1 of the options thanks lol but everybody’s answer was great and helpful all smiles :) :)

Answer #7

B then

Answer #8

I follow people if we have a lot in common and/or if they’re good at giving advice! :] and sometimes I just follow people if they’re just an awesome,nice,unique,cool person and I like to follow Christians :) imma Christian =D JESUS ROCKS <3

Answer #9

i like this answer! :)

Answer #10

Hey Imma Christian too! Imma follow ya <3

Answer #11

So am i imma follow both of ya :)

Answer #12

i just read this entire answer lol haha :) i never been called Mr. kane before haha lol i like this :)

Answer #13

I call most people older than me Ms. Mrs. or Mr. whatever their names are

Answer #14

Lol older haha only by 2 years im only 15, Missy!!! lol

Answer #15

When they follow me, I’m kind to follow them back :D Most of the time, if they’ve got anything in common with me

Answer #16

I tend to follow members who have brains and answer questions with some knowledge on the topic. I never ever follow members because they are popular and everyone likes their answers. Being smart and wise on here makes me want to know another member more. :-)

Answer #17

It depends on how active they are here and the quality of answers they give to PA, and also the nice comments they give, or the insightful questions they post here.

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