College student struggling with money

any suggestions? I am so sick of taking money from my dad, he works so hard for what he gets. I have a big problem with taking money from someone that I did not earn, which is why I stupidly quit the one real job that I had. I was doing nothing and getting paid for it, it just made me very uncomfortable. I have a very good work ethic and I want to work. I have applied to over 200 jobs, I had a few interviews, and have gotten no offers. I don’t know what I can do. I’m trying to start selling stuff on ebay because I have so many things, but I’m failing at that too. It is becoming very hard for me to keep pushing to get a job, with as many times as I have been let down, I have lost a lot of my confidence. I was talking to someone in one of my classes in college, she is 21 years old, has 3 jobs, and owns a home that she rents out, and my T.A. in that class owns 15 properties that she rents out and started buying them at age 18! I’m 19 and talking to them made me feel so unaccomplished. I’ve been trying to focus on school, but I don’t feel like that’s enough anymore.

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I haven’t signed up with an agency… the problem with that is my school schedule. it’s all over the place. I can’t work full time

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yazzie- sweetie, it’s not that easy. I have tried.

overthelies: what a shitty thing to say, why do you assume that I haven’t taken SATs and applied for scholarships? I don’t need money to pay for school right now, I have student loans for that. I just need money for every day living and to save up for my future. I could continue living off of my dad’s money, thankfully he loves me and will help me with whatever, but it doesn’t change that I feel like a parasite. And getting a scholarship isn’t as easy as you might think. You will learn about this stuff when you grow up. It’s called reality my dear.

Intense- thanks for the positive view, I really appreciate it.

Jaz- thanks doll, but I have done that, over and over and over again. I have applied to places that are hiring, not hiring, just opening, not even opened yet, it hasn’t made a difference. and with the day and time thing, that’s another problem, my school schedule is all over the place.

To everyone else who is going to reply to my question- if you aren’t out of high school yet, I don’t want your advice, sorry. I appreciate you trying to help, but there are so many things that you just don’t understand yet.

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how abt you get a scholarship? Take SATs and get one. Then you can focus on your study without any worries abt finance.. then you can take a part-time job if you want.

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look for places that are looking for people to work there places that need workers and have new jobs to offer are your best bets ask around everywere if there looking for a reliable worker and leave your details along with the days/times that you can work, try to appear confident, reliable, freindly and enthusiastic

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I know how you feel. I was made redundant in october from a job I thought I’d be moving upwards in. I didn’t do well at school and have moved back with my parents. I also applied for hundreds of jobs and only just last week got one. It’s tough. I also have friends who have their own houses, are married and settled and successful. It makes you feel crap and worthless. You just need to stay positive. Keep applying for work. Go into places in person and hand out resumes, dont rely on written applications. You need to show how keen you are to work. Once you get a job (which you will) save up some money to study and do more with your life.

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Your welcome. When I got up to the 100th job I’d applied for I was getting really worried. I even cried after being told I didn’t get 5 jobs I’d applied for in the one day. But, everytime I started getting down on myself, people would keep telling me to stay positive and keep trying because it will happen. I thought it was rather patronising when they weren’t struggling like I was. But I did keep trying and I got a job. I got a job after signing up at a recruitment agency and just as I sat down to talk with them, they had an email come through about a new position. They suggested it to me, and less than an hour later I had gone for the interview. I had a trial the following day and was offered the job. Have you signed up with any recruitment agencys? Some of them are better than others so it helps to sign up with several. But ultimately their job is to get you a job.

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