What would hapen if you put cocaine in your coffee?

I saw this scene in the movie Starsky and Hutch where Ben Stiller took accidentally put cocaine in his coffee and messed him up. Just wondering if its really like that.

Answer #1

your heart would stop then explode!!!!! (i think)

Answer #2

hahaha. Yea, how bout you try that out first….

Answer #3

Maybe you shud tpluvaj, if your heart doesnt stop then explode like DeMarius Terrell theorized then Ill try it. If you dont respond in the next week Ill asume your dead, and I wont try it =P

Answer #4

i was being sarcastic… :|

Answer #5

Demarius, so was I lol

Answer #6

never can b too sure, its sum pretty stupid ppl on Earth

Answer #7

If you put cocaine in your coffee you would have the same effects from it if your parachuted it. You get a slight sense of euphoria and you speed from it. The amount he put in his coffee in the movie would have killed him though, it was extremely unrealistic.

Answer #8

hahahaha. (: and yet….for some strange reason, I’m not all that interested in trying first…. lol

Answer #9

the same as snorting it it would be a bit sour though depending on the amount of COC u droped in it

Answer #10

cocaine rlly =/ its so much easyer to get speed and it will effect you if u put it in ur coffee but i wouldnt bc it causes long term effects to your brain function!

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