How can i clean my system in 24 hours?

how can you clean your system in less then 24 hours

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There are SO many ways that you can clean your system from thc,I'll list a few. The best way is obviously to drink a shit ton of water, but you can also do the following as well. 1. Get a small clean pill bottle, or small listirine bottle and have a sober/clean person pee in it for you. Put tin foil around the bottle and either tape or rubber band it around the bottle so it doesnt leak. Refrigerate it until 24 before your test, these 24 will be used to make it body temperature, (the purpose of the fridge is to keep it from wilding, which makes it look fake.) Before you go in for your test, put the bottle in your vagina, haha. (If you get nervous while doing this, ask them to turn on some water because you cant pee.)Poke a whole in the alluminum foil with your fingernail and it's like YOU are actually peeing =]

2. Excersize your fucking heart out, pretend your life DEPENDS on you losing like 10 pounds, and do everything and anything athletic to make you sweat out that thc. Thc is stored in fat cells, if you are in good shape, the thc will be in your system for A LOT less time than usual. But just to be safe, excersize really hard the night before.

3. Get a big jar of pickles and eat them ALL, and drink the juice afterwards as well, I know it's gross but it really works; as fast as 12 hours, but usually not until after 24 hours. You'll feel sick at first, but whatever you do, do NOT throw it up, or it goes to waste.

4.(lots of home remedies) Drink Cranberry juice, take a tbsp of "fruit pectan", take 2 "golden seal" pills the night before your test, drink Orange juice, try to drink atleast 8 cups of water a day, and pee atleast 6 times a day, if it's not clear drink 10 cups a day, and pee 7 to 8 times; (more if you can,) take 5 niaccin (vitamin b3,) every 8-12 hours for 2-3 days before you drug test, sweallow a half cap of bleach and chase it with a full cup of water, (milk works to for some reason,) buy a cleanser at a drug store such as "gnc," usually ranging from 30-50$, and if worse comes to worst, miss your drug test, and say you either over slept, didnt have a ride, you were sick, you mixed up the times, or you spaced it. Missing a UA is WAY better than failing one. If you want to be sure that you're clean, buy a drug test at Winco, Walmart, or any other market that sells drugs, and test yourself, usually ranging from 10-40$

Good luck, Sue

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Dear bigreg69,
Sorry...detox drinks and home remedies do not work. If they did don't you think that everyone would be passing their drug test? On the contrary those who have done drugs prior get caught at a very high rate. Those who have no drugs detected have waited the period of time before the test. Some drugs like THC are stored in body fat and the more you smoke the more it accumulates. So anywhere from 2-40 days it can be detected...depending on the amount smoke. There is nothing that can flush the body of this only time.
Sue...good luck

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It's never 100 pct guaranteed, especially if you just smoked or whatever it is you do.

Drink loads of cranberry juice and water. I'm not sure if you have a store where your from that sells it, but you can purchase Detox drinks, usually purchased from places that sell pipes(bongs and such).

Those Detox drinks run you a pretty penny, usually about 40 bucks for a decent bottle about 46-64oz.

Good luck. (by the way I know all this because of my brother, not from personal experience)

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buy CERTO you can buy it at wal mart. pretty much anywhere!! it WORKS supper fast will clean anything!! && its cheap get 1 box for like 2.99 then buy 4 normal gatorades (so yur pee is still yellow lol "suspisious") and separate the two packets outta the boxx into the will be good in less than 5 hours..(:

I know from personal ex.
and my friends all do it
& some of their moms (:

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Not true, Sue.
Although you are correct in stating that it's traceable in urine for 2-40 days. If you've got a good metabolism and haven't smoked too much(maybe a joint) it should be out of your system fairly fast. Think of your metabolics(thc in this case) as a visene dropper filled with blue dye, and your bladder is a shotglass that over time fills up with water. The blue dye drops one drop every 5 minutes or so, the more times in the period of time before your test you dump your shotglass, the more times youre ridding the thc in your shotglass, the more time you'll have with clean urine.

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