Places to get donations for a church?

I want to build a church for my christian members so I'm looking for adresses like Oprah to ask for donation and others if you know them

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Why would Oprah want to contribute to building your church? If you and the members don't care enough to pay for it, no one else cares either.

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It's not a waste of money.Everthing, good or bad deeds on earth get recorded.when we die we are recompensed for it. Even our soul...some will be sent to heaven and some will be sent to hell, and there is the sorrow and the cry for eternity.But it's a good thing...we are still alive and have a chance to choose where we want to be sent. Jesus Christ is the answer to all your storms in life.

how to get donations for my church?

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silverwings, my answer is honest, not mean.

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Actually A church should never go outside of its own members to get a donation. The New testament church was to support itself. . . .

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toadaly- If you can't be nice about it, then why answer???

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bussy... there are groups out there that donate their time to do exactly what you are needing. Maybe try typing it into the webbrowser, and keep asking, you will find help somewhere.


also, here are some places where you can post prayer requests, God can open the doors for you, that need to opened. (click on prayer)

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What a waste of money.

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I and my frienda are going to built a church and we are short of money to do so ,anybody please help ,may god bless you,thankyou ,

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