Choking child, parents, please check your child's food

Ok so friday nite I was feeding my 22mnth old son a chef boyardee microwavable dinner it was rice chicken, and veggies when my son started to chock at first I didnt know what was wrong and he started to scream and cry then I realized that he was chocking so I hit his back a couple of time and it was a bone from when the cut the chicken up I call the parameds and they came out and lookd at him they said that he sounded ok but to just watch him the rest of the nite...the next day my son didnt want to eat anything so I didnt force I calld chef boyardee and they offerd me 20 bucks and some coupons or take it to claims so I took it to claims I could have lost my only son my only child im very upset what do you all think shud happen...and to all the parents plsss check your childs food...

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I don't want to sound mean, but as parents of toddlers, it is our responsibility to thoroughly check all foods that we feed toddlers. They don't yet know the differences in texture of things so are more apt to swallow and choke on something that doesn't belong.

I don't know that I wouldn't have gone ahead and accepted the $ 20 plus coupons. They at least were attempting to offer you something for your inconvenience. I think you would have to prove negligence in order to win in a lawsuit.

I've even found stones in beans. That just makes me be careful with products that I purchase as a whole. I think, in general, the food manufacturers in the U.S. do a pretty good job in maintaining safe food products. I think they take a lot of care in what they supply to us but mistakes can happen no matter how careful they are.

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I am shocked that they thought $20 and a few coupons could suffice for what you went through due to their negligence! This was your childs life! I would do whatever it takes to make them realize that this matter was a lot more serious than they made it to be...

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God alone knows what they put in ready-meals.

As for fighting with the company... you have your son and that is what really matters.

Even if the company went out of business tomorrow there will be another one out there offering sub-standard goods.

Just learn from this that you dont trust ANYBODY with your little boy.

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Here's what I think, the company is totally at fault. You cant make food for infants and toddlers that contain materials such as a bone. This food is way different from food given to adults and older children. Now yes you can check the food as your preparing it but you should never expect to find bones in food that was produced for infants and toddlers. The company should have been more cautious when they were preparing it. I know how you feel though, I have a 13month old and if she choked off something such as a bone or a stone that was found in her infant/toddler food, I would be pissed. By the way, does the package even warn you that bones may be found in the food???

For those saying don't worry about it, it's because they are comparing a bone found in toddler food to a bone found in table/adult food. You can't make that comparison because older person can notice a bone in their mouth where as a baby could care less.

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