Does chicken nuggets really make your breasts bigger or does it just go to your thighs?

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Chicken McNuggets are not a magical source of boob growth, if that's what you're asking. That's the wrong kind of fat, right there.

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Hehe, your answer made me smile, and giggle a bit. :P

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I think you're thinking of the hormones injected into meat. While it could have some effect, you'd have to eat a lot of meat, and probably more red meat than anything else, and it would mess with you in other ways. In short, no, they won't make your breasts bigger, unless you eat nothing but them constantly, in which case they'll make everything else bigger too.

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This is the funniest myth I've ever heard of. Why do girls want their boobs to be bigger anyways? Just the fact that they exist is good enough =D

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