Cheerleading a sport?

Do you think cheerleading is a sport? I do!

Answer #1

yeah I think it is

Answer #2

I think competitive cheerleading is . This is in my about me on facebook :

So yeahh I’m her , Laurennn . Dont say I “dont” have a life , cause I do . CHEERLEADING & MUSIC . Im going to nationals in orlando in Jan. come cheer me on !! I have been cheering for 5 years; football , competition, and basketball . Cheerleading to me IS a sport , and its my sport (: . Reasons why:

It involves constant and strenuous practice as well as being in shape in every aspect of fitness. Cheerleading involves every part of your body. Your abs have to be strong to jump high, legs and arms to lift people, endurance to make it through routines, coordination for dancing, flexibility in general, as well as shoulder strength and balance. And for those of you who say you dont get points in cheerleading, youre wrong! its a judged sport just like gymnastics and ice skating or whatever else you guys want to compare it to.

Answer #3

I personaly think it is…competitive cheerleading that is…people at our ymca..suck but…but when I go to a college [oshkosh] for privates for gymnastics..I’ve seen there cheerleaders and there amazing…it really is interesting to watch… :)

Answer #4

yes it is as long as your competing I did it for 6 years

Answer #5

Yes I cheered for 4 years and I was always arguing with people that said it wasn’t a sport. Many people don’t understand how hard it is until they try it. Competitive cheerleading is most definitely a sport!

Answer #6

honestly…of course…especially when it gets up to the competitive level..and college level…even though I’m not a fan of them I have to say it is hard…[gymnasts&cheerleaders don’t go very well…]

Answer #7

well I think it is just another type of gynastics… and gymnastics is a sport sso YEAH!

Answer #8

if it’s squads, like you see in the movie “bring it on” then yes! but if it’s just cheering on a sport like football or basketball… then… sorry but no.

Answer #9

o..I already commented…I didnt know that..woops!

Answer #10

not high school cheerleading but competition is!!

Answer #11

yes it is

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