Can you lose weight by eating granola bars and drinking vitman what

can you eat trail mix granola bars and vitamna wateer and lose weight I tried the whole throw up thing but ... itcame out 2wice I lost5 poundz but it never came out again

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First of all snack on fruits and vegetables. DON'T STARVE YOURSELF. & if you keep eating the same things over and over again, you're going to get tired of it. like danielleee said- work out a lot (not over doing it) and eat small amounts of things.

And don't ever change for a guy. do this for YOU!!! A real guy should like you for the way you are.

good luck!

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if you have to lose weight for a guy then the guy isn't worth it.
funmail me and I will tell you a good diet or go to my profile and click on the other healthy questions I've answered.

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thnnnxxx but I really need 2lose weight 4 a guy I like

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vitemen water is actually really bad for you. just drink water.

granola bars

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work out a lot and eat small amounts of things like when you eat pasta just have half a cup.

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hi I'm back as of today I Have lost 28 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks
I was at
285 lbs.
now I'm at

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well , I have been eating granola bars for two weeks and walking for 1 hour a day and I have lost 20 lbs.
just eat about 500-700 calories a day thats what I do
about 4 granola bars and a portion of steam vegetales
this is amazing but it works great , at first is hard to get use to it, but after the third day your body gets use to it. try it and you wont regret it

buy: Nature Valley oats and honey
1 bar at 9am
2 bars at 12 noon
and steam vegetals at 4 pm
remember no eating after 5pm
and if you get hungry after 5 eat another granola bar
no snack, no soda, no fast food, no sugars what so ever..
if you try this let me know how you did please

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I've always wondered that..
see, I used to be anOrexic, but was admitted to the hOspital and treated for it.
and I'm really SUPPOSED to eat six times a day: three meals, three snacks. and they're supposed to be pretty highcal'd. but after a while, I sOrt'of got tired of the whole huge-meals thing. I've always been mOre of a snacker. [even befOre I got sick]
now I just seem to eat tons and tons of snacks all day, because I never seem to want to stay full.
this action only bOthers me, because it makes me feel like I'm OVER-eating-when I know I'm really not, it's just eating so many times makes my mentality think so [anOrexia talking].
and I've found within my eatings, I tend to always crave, want, and stick to the same foods:
lOw-fat granOla
some breakfast cereals
and sometimes other choices.
and I still eat a lean-cuisine dinner, or a veggie-bologna sandwich,
[vegetarian, by the way]
but I just tend to stick to snacking.

and I'm still the hugest calOrie-counter on the planet. each thing I eat, I tack on and add up.
I.e.: so far today[9/26/o8], I've eaten:
-lucky charms[about 17o-185cals wOrth[mOre than regular serving-I just finished what was left off, so that's why I had so much]],
-a bite of peanut butter-gummi wOrm-and a carb-master yogurt[which all added up to around 1oocals-YES, I count EVERYTHING-down to the last milk-dud],
-a twelve ounce cup of coffee with about 2tsp of regular sugar[I need splenda] and about 2tsp[half the serving amount] of powdered, special edition 'bleuberry creamer'[around 65cals-seeing as coffee is cal-free],
-and an apple[8ocals-even though the bag I buy them in says '[13ocals]', I find that pretty-much bullshit, because everywhere else I've checked says a medium apple is '8ocals'-so that's how much I count]
-so so far, I've had roughly 88ocals-wOrth of food today. and I ALWAYS try to make sure I end at around [18oo-2ooocals], and try my hardest never to go over.
[although, technically, I think I'm supposed to be consuming more-like, close to [3ooocals], actually. : \]

and I hate it also, because being hungry every hour or so sucks.
I think it's messing with my sleep schedule as well, because I haven't been getting a good night's sleep anymore, and I end-up eating my 'breakfast' between one-thirty and three a.m. in the mOrning.
and breakfast is usually ALWAYS granola-I'm addicted to it. I typically eat about double the serving as well, which is [22ocals]-so I'm eating about [44ocals] of granola in the mOrning.
but I seem to keep eating so much granola and cereal, I'm beginning to wOnder if I'm going to get fat from it.
I don't really wOrk-out all too much [sort'of was told not to for a while, but I'm sure crunches or something wouldn't hurt too much now], and I barely go places [but I just recently got a jOb as an art-gallery attendant, so I will be more on-my-feet lately-which I LOVE-I lOve walking and standing as much as humanly possible. [anOrexia talking again]]
everyone keeps telling me I'm not going to get fat from eating granOla, no matter how much of the serving I consume. they say that I eat such little-substanced foods, that it doesn't matter how much of it I eat, I will probably NEVER get fat from it. also, it's the reason I'm constantly hungry.

but I dunno...I still feel like I'm getting fatter..I see it in the mirrOr...
[though, this could be the anOrexia talking and distorting my self-image again. >.<]

does anyone have anything to say about it?

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Just know that you're beautiful and don't need to lose weight. Every morning look in the mirror and point out thing you like about yourself. I guarantee it'll eventually work.

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