Can't eat infront of people. condition or teenage mishap??

I'm 14 and I don't know whether its a condition or something but I can never eat in front of somebody. My family go out maybe twice a year and I always eat my food with my head down. At school in the diner I eat with my head down and if I ever do have my head up I always look at others to make sure they're not looking at me. Yesterday I went to macdonalds(yeh I no bad for me) and I pretended to be full because it was busy.I ate it with my head downa and left half of it and my mum finished it. Is it a condition or just something I'll grow out of??

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sounds like a social phobia...

it would help if you said exactly why you dont want to eat in front of others or what you're afraid of?

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I do the same thing, I really think its JUST a teenage thing because a lot of teenagers are like that. but if it continues to middle age its the start of signs of anorexia.

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May be a bit of OCD and may be some person being paranoid. It will grow out of it. It isn't going to kill you to eat in front of other people.

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your either paranoid or self conciouse
beleive it or not, many other epople also have this feelings
its pretty common in people, especially in teenage years
usually they grow out of it though
also, you need to realise that people arnt looking at you
why would they want to watch someone eat?
all there really thinking about is there food
there not interested in what other people are doing with theres
so they have no reason to bother you or stop you from eating
try to be more confident
embrace food, dont see it as a bad thing, you need it to live anyway
and just be comfortable in your own skin

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Well im fine eating around my friends and family.
but if im at a restraunt eating with people I don't really know or around someone I like. I get really nervous. its because you are not self confident, annd are nervous that you are going to look stupid eating. the best way to get over to actually start eating infront of people and or watch people eat, they are usually nervous too, start eating infront of the mirror and it will help,
Best of Luck

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are you paranoid? do you suffer from anxiety and depression?

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I can eat infront of family and friends but when it comes to eating infront of a girl I like.. I just cant physically do it. My ex girlfriend was a calarie counter and I was with her for 2 years. it got to the stage where as we were going out for meals, I felt sick and just was physically sick in the toilets. I felt ill, hot, until I got outside then I was fine. I have met a new girl now and its horrible knowing that ill feel the same... what can I do??:(

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