Can i take my bloodpressure medication before anesthesia?

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Lucky, it depends on the degree of hypertension and the type of medication you are on. Poorly controlled hypertension increases your anesthetic risk, and antihypertensive medication is usually continued up until surgery. You need to ask your healthcare provider this specific question.

You should have an anesthesia consult in person, or on the telephone, in the days prior to your surgery. Your anesthesiologist will review your demographic information, vitals, and current medications and tell you what to do.

If your anesthesia is going to be provided as part of a dental intervention, you may not have an anesthesiologist. In this case, your oral surgeon and perhaps a nurse anesthetist will control the anesthesia. They too, should have asked you for a list of your current medications.

Again, make sure that you ask your healthcare provider about your medication.

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