Can i pass on a yeast infection by being fingered by my boyfriend?

We haven't had sex yet but should I not allow him to finger me entel I get it treated?

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it probably wont infect him just make sure you both wash before sex you suld always wash before sex

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It probably won't infect him, but getting fingered can make his worse.

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Yeast infections are an over production of spores that always reside in your vagina. They can be spread easily in casual sex if gentalia are not washed properly. And they can live under fingernails and in dark creases for days. If you decide to have sex, be resposible for both of you and use a condom. It will keep any organisms from being transferred and prevent pregnancy.

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don't let him lick it and don't let it touch you. I think fingering won't do much. just make sure he washes his hands or something. it should be alright. and that's really good. you're smart to wait. (unlike most other people...)

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STRICTLY BY BEING FINGERED I'm a virgin and plan on staying one for a while, can I pass it by being fingerd? does he have to lick me for me to pass it or touch his penis for it to infect him

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there really isnt a rule about it not being able to do it until its treated I had one when I was pregnant and my doctor didnt give me any restrictions toward sex...but if you are currently treating it then the meds will say not to.

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