Why do i keep getting erections all the time?

For the last couple of months I've been waking up mostly or around walking or just siting watching TV and all the sudden I get a erection out of nowhere and it's really embarrassing. Sometimes even at school! But I don't know what to do. I'm so confused and I need help and there's no way in hell I'm going to the doctor's. That's the worst I can do with this problem.

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yeah it's a reminder of manhood.it isn't ez.

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yup it isn't ez but is can make me good at somethin when its time agine haha.

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ok well least i know it just isnt happening to me but it still sucks i got it outa no where can be annoying.

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well i guess im just gettin ready then i have nothin to worry about then.

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dude...it would be very odd if u were a guy who didnt get them....just dont sleep in the living room...my bro has some fun in his sleepXP

coke detox time :)
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hey dude that's if it dosen't happen worry. it happens to every guy i know. and don't worry it's a man thing all girls know about that. i have gotten use to it. it's like a reminder from your body every thing is all system are a go. it healthy.

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For most 16 year old men it takes very little to get an erection. Just a random thought about something sexy can be enough. I don't think you have anything to worry about unless it never goes back down. An erection that lasts over 4 hours can actually damage the penis so if this happens go to the ER stat!

You need get over your embarassment talking to doctors. It is important to be able to tell your doctor anything. Believe you me that doctors have seen or heard almost everything. Anything you tell your doctor is held in the strictest confidence. Believe me, as you get older you will get more embarassing health problems. The time to get over your embarassment is now.

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a doctor hears from people who CANT get one and who have diseases your healthy whats wrong wtih being the way you are.. If you dont jack the pack then that may be why.. what you could do.. is in the morning when u wake up, jack it and when u get home jack it.. . the more you do it the more un excited it gets.. i promise.

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then that tells everything right there. it is just hormones and it is all natural

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well no dont need to go to the docs it dont even last for 1 hour unless i make it last with a girl.

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i knew that a cuple days ago when tapple answered my question.

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no your are so right thats why it's good to wait and learn about yourself 1st.

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thats y u gotta wear boxers man lol

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From all these comments I've read, it sounds like people are misunderstanding what you're needing help with cali. I may be wrong and you may already have the solution, but if I'm guessing right, it's just awkward when you're talking with your friends and you pop a boner right..? From what I've heard men think about sex every 6-7 seconds. I don't know how we do, but we do.. So if you sense a hard on coming, try reaching into your pockets and flipping your dick up right, and keep your hands in your pockets. If you know it's gonna be a bad time to try and pull that one off, just zone out and lock your eyes on like a brick or something. I do it all the time in class.. I'll be sitting behind a smoking hot girl and I know it's coming so I just zone out and then someone has to bring me back to my senses. Good luck mate.

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The same problem happens to me.. What I usually just do is wear a jacket that goes a little below the belt and if I feel a hard on coming I just zone out and stare at something. Usually makes it go down, or at least a little.. And if it just won't stop, just flip it up and put your hands in your pocket, that usually hides it a bit better.

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ummm....cause ur a guy......and guys do that....lol....im sure its normal.....it happends to most guyz i know!!!

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I can agree with the majority vote here and inform you that it's typical, and really nnothing to worry about. If you think it become problimatic, then yes, go see a doctor, other wise, it's just going to happen, and you kinda have to think it away. You're young, and hormones are all kinds of erratic. Not ony that, but even the slightest raise in blood preassure can make it up and at em'. Just chill. It's healthy.

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its not bout the size of my penis its just kinda weird goin to the doctors and they say whats the problem and i tell them and then probley have to show them what i mean thats just to much for me.

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ur problem can be embarrassing but i had it worse. try having ur zipper open and u get a boner. my teacher screamed. im stii made fun of. but dont worry it happens to all guys

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That's not a problem, it's a blessing. You are full of hormones and that's likewise good.
When you get to be 40 y/o you'll wish it was still happening. I'm over 40 but I take injections of the hormone testosterone and mine is doing the same thing as yours and I love it. One word of advice, when you are slow dancing with a girl press it against her. She'll be flattered that she made you hard. It has always worked for me!

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