Can a married man have feelings for the "other woman"?

How do you know if the married man you’re having an affair with really cares for you? I have been seeing this guy for almost four years. We are together once a week or more. I am a married women. My husband is a good man! The married man wife is a good friend of mine. its a long story. I will explain more later… please help ! I really want to end this because of the hurt it could cause for both of us ..I don’t know why I am doing this..I am taking a big chance on losing a good friend and my family for this man. We have talked about this relationship over and over again. We both feel that we love our spouses with no plans on leaving them. So why are we doing this? This guy has a lot to lose if we get caught. I mean a lot.. sleeping with his wife’s best/good friend.He can get any women he wants. He has money,looks the whole package.. why take a big chance with me? Help please.. my typing and spelling is bad sorry…help

Answer #1

No this man’s love is not real and dont beleive it. He is married and tooken, it is not right so leave him be and you and him will never be. Sides before he can love you he should have a devorce first and dont tell him to get one just let him go and leave him be because its not right to have an affair with a married man.

Answer #2

The guy is messing with your head, you need to end it now.

In fact, I don’t want to sound mean…but I couldn’t be with somebody who has been cheating on me for years.

Answer #3

if u love some one eles u shouldnt be with him ur going to ruin evrything if u dont leave now.

Answer #4

I am myself in the same situation.its been almost a year that we are seeing each other almost every second day or night, going out,having dinner out or in,helping each other with everything,suppurting each other emotionaly,and lots of things. I met him last year in may while he was going to get married, he was engaged after a month that we met he got married but we were still seeing each other .few months and we found ourselfs inlove .he was leaving his newly married wife and was coming to me almost every day or second day or at least 3 4 times a week. as he says he dosent have any feelings for his wife and he cant give her anything ,as he says they hardly sleep together. I dont know I should belive him or not but the only thing I know is that I love him and I can see and feel that he loves me too and he dose love me a lot.he is the only man I feel satisfied with and in every way.the only thing that in this relationship is bothering me is that when I think about him being married and ofter all being man os another women too, its not that I want him to break his marrige ,no I dont want that but at the same time I dont want to lose him too.I realy dont know how am I going to do?me myself am single was married befor but divorced and have a daghter too but the man ,love of my live is newly married ,not even a year yet.sometimes I think of getting out of this relationshi but I cant I realy cant think of not having him.what am I going to do ? Please Please help meee.

Answer #5

I definitely have feelings for them both. Been married for over 20 years and met a woman who makes me feel like a 17 year old. The timing is awful, I just finished trucking school and was going to make ‘the break’ and met the ‘other’ woman. The DAY I finished trucking school and was going to start being gone for months from my heatless marriage, so I could wean my wife off of me, my apartment burns down! My wife & kids need me more than ever. I love my wife, she is the best friend that I ever will have, and I want the best for her: BUT she is not capable of ever being ‘in love’ with me and makes that very clear (she has grown quite unpleasant). I love the time I spend with the ‘other’ woman, so I spent more and more time with her…and I let something happen. I thought it might just be me being a ‘horn dog’ so I spent more (non-sexual) time with her and it’s always great. I don’t know when the right time to leave my wife is, I love her as a friend and don’t want to hurt her or the kids, or leave them in a time of need. I was going to make ‘the break’ before I met the ‘other’ woman but now I feel intensely guilty. It is definitely the best AND worst of times. So I say, ‘yes’, I can have feelings for both.

Answer #6

Im in that situation right now still dating to a married man and got fall in love to him unexpectedly maybe becuase he makes me feel that I’m always in good hand when im with him…that is how it goes deeper and deeper, the concerns, the love, the affection, he didn’t stop taking care of me…you know the feeling of fulfillment when you’re with him…but right now I feel some changes to his attitudes and it makes me feel bad…but I can still sense his concern to me in actions…but lets face it that woman are so demanding when it comes to attention right? those simple thoughtful words that they will sent it is really a big thing to makes us feel better right?

Answer #7

absolutely. I dated the “other woman” my whole married life(5 years). Actually, started seeing her before I was married. Mid February she said she had enough, I was devastated. I couldn’t get divorced fast enough, I know now that I married the wrong girl(although I starting thinking this a long time ago) and am paying the price. Now, i have my own place, separation agreement signed, waiting on my divorce to be final and she’s nowhere to be found. Guess I got what I deserved.

Answer #8

This is bad…Get out of there fast…Whats the point of dating someone who is in love with another woman and just not you? pointless…

Answer #9

The love is always a gift from the God, even this dangerous adultery love. It is pity that the society and the other half of your families cannot see this question this way. I would not feel conscience-smitt because of the love and sex what I do in this situation, but would be careful not to make any mistake to disclose this relationship. Since the love is alwayas a gift, till you do it - do it with good mood, then go back to your family and love them also with good mood, the gift is valid for everybody involved in this situation, even if he/she does not know about good lover and good wife in the same time, it is possible, what love you get from two men donate further to everybody in the two familes. If you will have get blame about your behaviour, answer that, you got love for two sietes, but you spreaded it to many sites, candidly.

Answer #10

I am in the same situation and I click on this site so I can find out can a married man have feelings for the “other woman”. This may sound stupid or crazy to you if you are not in this situation but being in it I know that it can happened. Neither one of us wanted it to happened but when you talk to someone everyday five and six times a day and spend at least two to three days a week together for over a year or more it is impossible not to have feelings. We have both tried to stop but each time is harder and harder because we are really into each other but I guess want our cake and eat it to. He has more to lose than me but I am not interested in him leaving his family nor am I interested in leaving mine. Right now I feel like I have the best of both world. Like it or not!

Answer #11

I’m the other woman. I’ve been with this man for 7 years. I love him,and I know that he loves me. A single man has never come close to making me feel, the way that this man has. Its sad but true(I rather be the other woman instead of the wife).

Answer #12

know matter what this man says he loves his wife more than u ! trust me its not going to work ur gona find ur self hurt i think ur a good women and u should be with ur husband and i know u know this ! follow ur heart !

Answer #13

Ive been married for nearly 2 years i am not happy in the marriage im having an affair with an ex who is engaged he tells me he loves me but won’t leave his fiance he has a child with her and a child with me i have another 2 children aswell but don’t want them to get hurt in the process i love my ex but don’t know what to do

Answer #14

Yes, it’s true! Married man also seeking for other women’s. A married man when unable to find a girl than they hire incall girls for his satisfaction.

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