Calling long distance from a house phone..

my moms disconnecting my friggin cell..
if my friend from Florida called my house phone after 9...will it work ? Will it charge? How about if my friend in new jersey called ?! D: I need answerrrsss!

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soo they can call my house phone ? Will it be extra on the house phone bill ?

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If they call it won't count as long distance for you but it will for them and there won't be an extra bill unless you called them.

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what cell? cellphone? cordless extension handset? what?

if it's cellfone, it'll depend on the talktime as per your handset's manual, same as for the cordless..

cellfones usually have 3 to 5-hour lifespan, and cordless may be not more than 2 hours, I think.. not sure..

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ask your mom if you have long distance and if you do it should work =]
if not I'm not sure =[

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