Do you think Call of duty Modern Warfare 3 is going to live up to the franchise's expectations?

Answer #1

probs. I hope so cause i love all cods

Answer #2

Same sista! Hahah! But they did a good job on black ops very well done but I was expecting a bit more from the ending…

Answer #3

yeaa it was a bit wierd at the start but its alrite. d u play online???

Answer #4

Well teh thing is I jes pay it a lot at my frends house…ahah on his PS3 but or my other frend on his Xbox. I suck liek hell tho ahah! U wood probably kick my ass 50 times over

Answer #5

Actually it depends if you liked black ops and world at war. This is because infinity ward gave treyarch full control of the franchise while infinity ward and bungie create a new dominant series to blow cod a dying franchise away and start a brand new series with thrill of both cod original creators and halos grand masterminds for a perfect game oh and no one knows what it will be about because the companies want it to be a surprise all info is sealed tight till destined realease 2012-2013

Answer #6

Yeh I knew it ws the guys who amde the original CODs but they fired a lot of the masterminds behind the Modern Warfare Series…

Answer #7

Just wanted to throw this out there-my brother is a hardcore gamer, and I let him write this. I think MAW 3 will be great, and that it will live up to it’s predecessor.

Answer #8

Tell your hard-core gamer brother I say hi! Hahah! I’m sure it will be awesome too but I hope the game has a great story cuz thats what makes it so good!

Answer #9

my older brother is a hardcore gamer and i really hate it cause i can never have a go!!! NOOOOO

Answer #10

Hahah jes kill him and start playing hahah!

Answer #11

its gonna be the same anyway….

not like they can surprise anyone now :S

Answer #12

Funadvice! exclusive cover art revealed :O

Answer #13

lol :P

Answer #14

thats ur opinion

Answer #15

ha yeaaa rite. wat rade u in??? i can almost woop a grade 12 but i am nly in grade 8. lol

Answer #16

Im in grade 8 also. I suck cuz I dnt play a lot… I try hard but I always find my finger slips when I try to stab… Its so annoying I press the button and it doesnt work!!! and he stabs me!!!

Answer #17

awwwww u should practice in Combat training… it helps me alot. but my dad banned me from playing during a schol week so i only play on weekends sooo i dont play much either…

Answer #18

I do a lot. And I kick ass in combat training me and my friend have a good strategy of stacking up in one of the houses in nuketown u can do either and u can’t die. Cuz ur ass is covered while covering the other guy’s ass.

Answer #19

I don’t think it will. It seems a bit rushed, and so was MW2. If they spend some time on it then it might be as good at the first MW.

Answer #20

ANOTHER ONE?! Jesus they’re milking this cash cow for all it’s worth. No, it’s going to be the same recycled garbage from every other CoD game, but every little fan boy is going to find something about it to put up on a shiny platinum pedestal and praise for being better than all the others… And everyone will get to hear about it. This whole releasing the same FPS every three months is getting old. Everyone just started to shut up about Black Ops.

Answer #21

Yes very true! Don’t think I’m sexist but I was expecting more guys to be on this topic girls! I thought most girls don’t like video games…

Answer #22

I do like video games, I just don’t like to preach it and label myself a “girl gamer” hurr durr. I hate it when girls do that. I personally don’t like most FPS games for reasons listed above. I play mostly RPG’s, I need a decent storyline for a game to be fun.

Answer #23

No I understand completely. It makes sense to me for you to do that!

Answer #24

the announced cod8 last year cass ;)

i gave up after cod5.

november this year for cod8 but battlefield 3 is before that and by teh time cod8 hits the whole battlefield 3 mp will be too strong for cod8 to contend with and will just fail.

if like me your fed up of where its gone/going give the original a go, its on xbox live and its called call of duty classic its a pc port and still in my eyes the best cod game to date.

not sure if they included the united offensive expansion pack :S

Answer #25

lol :P i wooop ass in combat cause its eaiser

Answer #26

IF itsanything like Black Ops, then definately. Black Ops was and still is phenominaland a stepping stone in the game world. so in my opinion MW3 is gonna be even better

Answer #27

Yeah but it is soooo annoying now! All the people who love Battlefield (I love it too) say stuff like COD is evil. It’s annoying as heck!!!!

Answer #28

I agree with Cassie, lol. Most “girl gamers” are seeking attention, and if you’re a true gamer, your gender doesn’t affect your gameplay. At all. Call of Duty is a good game for “girl gamers” to leech on, since it’s exceptionally easy. I didn’t even do the campaign for Black Ops, went over to a friends, got on multiplayer, put the sensitivity on insane and did fine. It’s too easy for me. That’s just why I wouldn’t play it. It’s going to be yet another overrated game.

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