what do you think is going to happen next in assassins creed 3?

i just some questions, im not expecting any one to answer any of these correctly im just curious of what everyone else thinks: (SPOILERS)__ -what do some of you think will happen in ac3? we all know that desmond will be the main character along with the whole templar order hunting the assassins down. but what do you guys think his outfit will look like? will it just be his normal outfit with his hood up for a more modern look, or something more assassin like?

  • is 16 really dead? remember what he says: “what are we but the sum of our memories” what does that mean? what was “the truth” will it ever be explained?
  • another big question is: how are they going to fit swords into this game? are they just going to leave sword combat out? will they introduce guns, or other weapons? -will we drive cars or motorcycles? -will the entire game take place in NYC, or will it be more like the older games where we went to many places? will we be climbing skyscrapers the whole game? -will we meet up with more assassins? will we recruit assassins? -will we have a HUD? -will there be multiplayer? (END SPOILERS)_ remember: this is just some questions, im not expecting any one to answer any of these correctly im just curious of what everyone else thinks.
Answer #1

I don’t think Ezio is going to be in this one unfortunatly. honestly, I have no idea what’ll happen, but I can’t wait till it comes out! lol

Answer #2

well i know ezio wont be in it, maybe an appearance, niether will Altair, this one is definitely all about Desmond.

Answer #3

Okay, are you talking about Assassins Creed Brotherhood (that is the third game) or are you talking about Assassins Creed Revelations (which is the 4th and most recent one)? Or am I confused and, your talking about a movie or a book or what?

Answer #4

assassins creed brotherhood and revelations are apart of the “AC2 trilogy”, they are the 3rd and 4th games of the series,but they aren’t officially called ac3 and 4, the next AC will be called AC3. think of it like this: half life has half life 1 and 2, then half life 2 episode 1 and 2, the episodes are the continuation of half life 2 but arent called half life 3 and 4. get it?

Answer #5

I think I get it, I just thought that all the games went together since it all ties up with Altair. So when you say “the next AC” are you talking about Revelations or one that comes after it?

Answer #6

oh sorry i didn’t get notified that you replied, they do all go together, and it leads up to Desmond not Altair, the only reason we played as Altair and Ezio was just a long plan to make Desmond the master assassin, and “the next AC” is AC3, not brotherhood, not revelations, AC3. we will play as Desmond.

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