Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

What do you think of it? =D game of the century? I think so. :)

Answer #1

BEST game far.

Xbox Live GT: AMO3

Answer #2

OK OK OK. the ONLY way the settle this is by saying that if me and my man dale played you lot with our SCAR-H’s WE WOULD DOMINATE THE PLACE!! haha =P

Answer #3

a PS3? I have 1 but they suck stones. =/ and I played boyfriend loads of times, its ok but nothing special.

Answer #4

hahah ok man go play with an AUG, you ejit. lol

Answer #5

if you get it GET A PS3,and you should play battlefield bad company. and stay away for the loners that left EA games.

Answer #6

yeah man!!! the Scar-H is a lege of a gun! he can bring it as far as he can go and STILL not win =P

Answer #7

YEAH!! Scar for the win BAY-BEEE.. well he can BRING-IT!! =P

Answer #8

I go with the SCAR-H now… that does sound like a challenge Dale!, a very obvious one aswell!!

Answer #9

I aint a pussy dale!! I don’t use the throwing knives, there just there. btw you aint on my xbox list thingy anymore,I think insted of gettin a 360 elite am gonna get a ps3, unless you can think of a reason not 2… it does get a BIT boring.

Answer #10

barrett? hmmm sounds like a challenge what you think Andy?

ok gimme your GT and we’ll play.

Answer #11

jesus andy arent you a lil pussy, RPD? throwing knives? damn I HAVE 2 play you I use a Scar-H POUNDS!!! im getting bored of it nw tho does anyone think that the maps get boring and the game is FULL of campers, pisses me off. >: (

Answer #12

campaign could be a movie it was so good. the ending was intense haha

Answer #13

good god it is SOOO good!!! my younger bro pre-ordered it for £45 and says it was worht every penny, it all we play when our mates come round, it is definitly BY FAR the BEST CoD game ever, long live modern warefare 2! (until modern warefare 3!!) =P all I use is my RPD with red dot sight, throwing knives and grenades!! haha (kick a$$ every time) =P

Answer #14

I think the campaign is awesome. and the online multiplayer is great as well. But for me, I still prefer modern warfare 1 as it suits my style of play more (running around with m40a3 quickscoping). The maps on mw2 just arent designed for run and gun snipers :| but if I ever feel like using my smg, then I wil rip it up on mw2!!!

Answer #15

OMG I have it it is sooo good but really hard love the game

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