How do you build an egg protector with limited supplies?

For my Tech Ed class we have to make a egg protector that will protect an egg from a 16 ft. drop using limited supplies. The supplies are: a plastic bag, half a piece of newspaper, 1/2 a filing folder,24 inces of strin, 8 inches of tape,a cupcake liner,12 inches of 1/8X18 balsa wood(sqaure dowel) 2 paper clips,1 peice of copy paper. So, how would I make a egg protector with those materials? We can only use 7 out of the 9 materials. Our drop zone will be off of the second story staircase at our school. I would totally be able to make this on my own but we do not get a box for the egg, I repeat we do not get a box for our egg protector. We have to make our own. Thanks for your help.

Answer #1

Can you please explain a couple of the supplies for me, I already have a good idea. But what is the 12 inches of 1/8X18 balsa wood (square dowel). I think I know what this looks like. I think its 1 inch in thickness 8 inches wide and 18 inches long but please correct me if I am wrong.

Also please explain what the conditions of the drop will be. For example will he drop it the way you ask him to or will he just be randomly chucking over the side.

And one last thing, does the final container have to be a certain shape or size?

Please answer these questions and I am sure that I can come up with something really good because I already have a good idea.

Answer #2

also what kind of tape is it

Answer #3

It’s scotch tape. Were supposed to be simulating a egg falling out of a egg carrying truck so it will just be dropped over the edge. It has to fit in a 8”X8” box. And i made a typo it should be 1/8th”X1/8th”. So its basically a square dowel that is 1/8th of an inch all the way around.

Answer #4

Okay this square dowel is still confusing me. After re-reading the description I believe it is 12 inches long of 1/8 X 1/8 balsa wood. Is this right or is it something else?

Does it have to be an 8x8x8 ‘cube’? (meaning does it have to be in the shape of cube with each dimension being 8 inches long)

Also what kind of bag is it? Can you drill holes in the wood? Are you allowed to use glue? Will other people be dropping their protectors which may theoretically fall on top of your protector in the experiment?

And just for clarification will your protector once completed with all the supplies be going into another separate container?

Also when do you need the answer by?

Answer #5

Monday morning. You have the balsa wood right, and the teacher never said we couldnt drill holes but i dont know how we could because it is so small. Ya its and 8 by 8 by 8 cube it has to fit in there cause were simulating the carton of eggs being in a box. and no no other will be hitting the eggs because were only dropping one at a time. Nope we cant use glue right now, hes thinking about letting us but hes not sure, so we will just we cant. Its just a plastic grocery bag. Once its completed it has to fit in the 8X8X8 box

Answer #6

Well I think there might be a few different ways to get it to work. I think it will end up basically requiring fine tuning and manipulation. I don’t have all the supplies in front of me so it might be kind of difficult.

The best thing that I can think is to keep the egg as close to the center of the protector as possible with very little movement, and any movement that does occur should be protected by a soft shock absorbing system with the bag and maybe some of the other supplies.

  1. The first way I thought of was to cut the the wood into 3, 4 inch equal lengths and making a perfect triangle 4 inches apart from each post. Then using the smashed up plastic bag (I think its plastic) create a little housing compartment for the egg to sit up with some of the other supplies like the news paper ripped or stuffed inside the bag. Then to tape the egg to that compartment. Then taking the file folder cut out two triangles to act as seals for the tops and bottoms which would require holes to then be pushed onto the bottom and top of the compartment. This is very important to you want to try to prevent the egg from moving left or right as much as possible so you will need some stuff on the top part of the egg too like maybe more cut out pieces of the news paper or stuffed slices on top of the egg. Then with the other triangle from the filing folder cut measure and cut out or poke the holes into that and very firmly and tightly not too tight but secure it over the top part of the egg.

Then you could use the string or glue if they allow to tie both the top and bottom ends up if in place so it is secure. Try to utilize as many useful items that he gives you also. Also if you have more room to make more to and bottom triangular lids I would add them as well.

  1. The other thing that I was thinking was cutting the wood into 4, 3 inch pieces and making a cube. Using the file folder to cut out similar lids and seals to keep the egg in place and going with a similar setup as the first idea. I wasn’t too sure about this idea because there isn’t much room for shock absorbing, but it still may work since you don’t got many supplies.

Also a couple of other things I was thinking of while pondering this was to blow up the bag, if it was plastic, and use that as part of the system, but after rethinking it I am not too confident that will work because I kind of tried it a little bit.

The other thing was to cut slits in the wood and use the string to somehow fasten things together with it. But again like before I’m not too confident about this idea either.

One last thing I was thinking that could be employed somehow is to wrap the egg up in the plastic bag and then wrap it up around the newspaper.

I think the best way from what I’m hearing and closing the time gap of when you will have to do it best thing I can think is to basically use the triangle or cube and keep things in the middle as close as possible with very little side movement.

Answer #7

And just to clarify when i said triangle I don’t know what shape you call it but it has basically a triangular top and bottom. Also the sizes of the cubes and triangles could be different than what I said. For example you may be able to put the posts on the triangle 8 inches apart as long as you had someway to securely fasten or glue the lids to the posts and keeping it in place.

Answer #8

Thanks I really like your cube and triangle idea its alot better then what I had come up with. I was just going to make the folder into a cube and stuff some paper in there with teh egg and put a parchute on it and let it go

Answer #9

If you create a compartment with the smashed up plastic bag wrapped around in the news paper and then taped, I think that will work for the center module. Then keeping in place with the top and bottom lids glued, and tied in together with the string and other things on the side to protect it, with possible another top and bottom layer of soft shock absorbing crap like ripped up copy paper.

Answer #10

Ok sounds good. I would have never come up with anything like that haha

Answer #11

well i hope you get it to work. One time our class had to drop an egg of the roof of the school which was really high but we could use whatever we wanted as long as it could fit inside like a 6 by 6 by 6 inch box so it was much easier and mine was one of the only ones that survived. lol

Answer #12

yea normally the teacher lets uyou use what ever you can get your hands on but the student teacher wanted to make it more difficult. Jerk

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