What do you think of the body scans and pat down they are doing at airports now?

Answer #1

They are trying to keep the feeling of safety in a airport. A lot of people won’t even take the airport anymore because of these bomb threats. Sadly, if someone really wanted to get a bomb onto the plane, they would find a way.

Answer #2

I personally think they are a good idea. There are people that are mad saying its a violation of their privacy being patted down or scanned through a machine but i feel my safety is more important than your privacy. Its not like their doing mandatory cavaty searches, its a pat down just like a cop would give and a scanner. Im all for it.

Answer #3

I don’t mind it, as long as they follow protocol and give correct pat downs that are done appropriately I’m fine with it. Some might say it’s an invasion of privacy, but you know what - I would rather have a body scan and a pat down at an airport from someone i probably will never see again. I wouldn’t call it a complete invasion of privacy considering they will scan and pat down hundreds of people on a daily basis and there’s a very high percentage that by the end of the day the person who preformed the scan and pat down won’t even remember you. as long as it helps to keep us safe inflight, I’m all for it.

Answer #4

I’m fine with it. If patting and scanning will reduce the risk of my plane being bombed then go for it!

Answer #5

I honestly don’t see why people are making such a huge deal about it. Yeah, it’s not that pleasant. If it makes everyone’s trip safe, though, why complain? I’d rather be uncomfortable for a few minutes and know that everyone will be safe at the end of the day.

Answer #6

i think they should add an extra set of guards for the pilots, more jobs, more money, lesser risk :P

Answer #7

I DONT LIKE IT AT ALL!!! when i was around 7 0r 8 and going to florida, the button on my jeans made it beep and they unbuttoned my pants and were patting there hand on my underwear and i never forgot that. i understand there being cautiues but that was taking it too far. i felt so violated

Answer #8

Completely opposed, Security theatre is just that, theatre. It is made to make you feel like they are doing something- consider this there are minimal requirements and security checks for flight line workers and baggage handlers let alone the pilots.In my opinion the best thing that came out the t3rrorist attacks was that the cockpit door is now to be kept locked. Generally the t3rrorists won, increased appearance in security, the passing of the patriot act, the fear generated by the DHS or TSA and now that at very least some if not all of these body scanners are saving your image and matching it to your ID we are moving slowly towards the government having way more information on you than I am comfortable with. In the Uk there is some controversy that these scans violate laws pertaining to child pornography as the scans are in general very acurate.

read up for yourselves and see how bad things have gotten in airport security.

[link removed]. com/2010/11/meg-mclain-singled-out-by-the-tsa-cuffed-to-a-chair-her-ticket-ripped-up.html

[link removed]. com/blog/archives/2010/11/tsa_backscatter.html?nc=96

as a side note- when did the word T3RROR become bad enough that I can’t use it in this post

Answer #9

I don’t mind the patting down, scanning, or even the new one that shows people “without their clothing” What I DO mind on the other hand, is the fact they are now going to make people take out their piercings. I have never had an issue with piercings before, they have never set off any metal detector ever. Also, there are people with “unmentionable” piercings that are being humiliated by either A)having to strip down when all that is needed is a simple x-ray that will show the piercing (since it is being questioned whether it is one or a “weapon”) B) having everyone and their brother know that they have that piercing. They arent the easiest things to remove and put back in. I wouldn’t mind taking out the ones in my face, although I dont see why that would be necessary, but having to take out a v@g piercing or boob piercing would be horrid. I understand they are trying to make things safer, but honestly, why do people have to lose their privacy, dignity, and ultimately, freedoms for Joe Shmo to feel safe? When will it stop? What will be the line where everyone says “Hey, now this is not right!” We already have double checks on our identities, we have to walk through several sets of metal detectors, x-ray machines, the new “naked” scanner, the wand metal detectors…cant take big bottles of shampoo, or anything. Can’t take a nail file, nail clippers, lighter (understandable) and god knows what else. We all may as well not take a single piece of luggage and buy everything you would need when you get to your destination, but yet again, we’d be singled out for that too.

Answer #10

What a lot of people fail to see is that, it’s not just a pat down and scan. They ARE doing extensive searches on some people.

My father has a prosthetic leg. EVERY time he goes into the airport he sets of the metal detectors (naturally) they scan him, x -ray him, then take him off to a separate area (open area) and makes him take his leg off. They’ve already scanned and x-rayed it..they can see whats not inside the fake leg. Why the extra trouble?

Answer #11

I found this article….absolutely AWFUL!!! THIS is what the increased security does to people…http ://www. msnbc.msn. com/id/40291856/ns/travel-news/ <—-take out the spaces

Answer #12

I dont like it , i dont want some older men looking at my nude body and my younger siblings nude bodys . i think thats nasty and could be considerd child p0rnography , the pat downs i dont mind because at least there not looking through my cloths

Answer #13

They really shouldn’t feel of people that way. I mean poor old people and pregnant women.

Answer #14

thats what im saying!!!!!!!

Answer #15

Yeah…there was this poor guy at the Detroit airport who tried to let the TSA agents know that he had a colostomy bag, that if it was tampered with would come out…well first they didnt want to move him to a different room, then they finally did, and while patting him down (not listening to him) they dislodged his bag and it leaked urine all over him…they acted like nothing happened and sent him on his way…WTF?! how messed up is that?

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