Have you been through the new TSA screen pat down yet?

I know that as of November first, they’re mandatory but if the airport has a scanner (there are about 80 or so with scanners) then you have the option of getting felt up, OR simply going through the full body scan. I’m a bit concerned with all the hype, the claims of excessive feel ups, the videos of kids crying, etc…if you have done it or are going to, what’s your take?

Answer #1

It’s not bad at all! You take your shoes off ( so they make sure you have no weapons in the soles, the scanner wont pick those up) then you walk through the people running it will either get told to clear you or you will go against the wall and they do a pat down and a wand down ( that happend to me because I had my wallet in my bra and it wasnt cleared)

But it is really simple!(:

Answer #2

I was going to fly to atlanta, but with all the drama over this, I think I’d rather just drive (it would probably take the same amount of time). The whole thing is ridiculous. As it is airport lines were a pain, how long are the lines now the pat downs?

Answer #3

I went to Pensylvania 2 weeks ago, and it was like a 10 minute line, it wasnt busy at all!

Answer #4

ill take the get felt up option as long as its not a wide man with a beard…

its sick that kids would have to go through that…. infact its unthinkable.

if i had kids id refuse to let them go through that and decline the flight if they insisted they must be searched.

i know you and your missus have kids jeremy, what would you do?

Answer #5

We’re going to go through the scanners :) They have them (thankfully) at the airport we’re going through, as well as the other airports that we used to use frequently in the states.

I’m a big subscriber to the “don’t touch my junk bro” line of reasoning and am never going to opt for a pat down.

Answer #6

My father traveled recently and was a nervous wreck before hand because he is a cancer patient with a colostomy bag and was afraid of them causing the bag to become loose and embaressing him when it spilled. He called me when he landed to tell me that it wasnt nearly as bad at the airport he was at. He said it wasnt like on the news…no kids being patted down that he could see, no excessive pat downs, and once he explained his situation to the security guard they were extremely nice and very careful with him. Im sure that its not this pleasant in all airports, but i was glad my father got respected. Hes been through enough without being embaressed in public because of his colostomy bag and a careless security guard.

Answer #7

That’s good to hear, actually - my grandmother had a colostomy bag…and there was an aweful story about a cancer survivor having soiled himself due to the TSA agent’s careless handling.

Answer #8

are these scanners you talk of the ones that see yuor stuff, like the xray ones?

sorry nothing to do with the question but are you moving back home, just visiting or moving to another country cus i know you said on another date yuo were thinking of moving to spain? :)

Answer #9

Ever since I heard about the airport TSA screen pat down system thing, I’ve decided to drive instead. These people are sick and twisted.

Answer #10

what are they defending themselves from???? i still dont understand what imminent threat beseeches the USA? its like theyre on Defcon 2 all the time

i wouldnt really care about the screening/pat down unless i accidentally (no stress on that word XD) had some unknown green substance with me, then id choose the manual check :P

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