Why blame *all* Saudi's for being terrorists when it's only "one" that was known to be one?

Why do people think Saudi’s are terrorists just because Osama Bin Ladin was a Saudi? people having “beards” and being muslims doesn’t mean they’re terrorists at all… I know people who are muslims and beardless, they’re not terrorists, i also know people who are muslims and have a beard and trust me, they’re NOWHERE near terrorism… why do i get the feeling that something’s not right and that there’s a sick game being played out there ? :s i’m so not into politics but i was researching for school and one thing led to another and i ended up here and asking these questions :s i’m scared!!!

Answer #1

It is not just “one” who was a terrorist attacker… There is many out there. The Al qaeda is still there and they are all terrorists to us. But that does not make all muslims ot Saudi’s terrorists and people who think they are, are ignorant. Im sorry for the poeple who have to suffer now because of this. Its not fair. I dont judge anybody by their looks. There are bad apples in every bunch. We have American terrorists… White, black, asian. whatever the race there are haters of America everywhere and try to corupt our world

Answer #2

I understand what you are going through, but you need to know in every community even in one single family there is a good and a bad person, anyone generalizes is ignorant, and people should not be judging a whole race, country, religion based on one single person. that’s extremely wrong, we will never live in peace if this is the case.

Answer #3

“whatever the race there are haters of America everywhere and try to corrupt our world” there are haters of all countries not just America. And when you say “our world” you’re talking about the whole world right ? not just America right? And i’ve a question, why is it that America is the #1 hated country? (i’m saying it’s the #1 hated country because there are haters of it pretty much EVERYWHERE)

Answer #4

we never lived in peace in the first place, and we never will. Go to America ask them about what’s the most hated country to them they’ll say Saudi Arabia. you ask why they’ll answer you with “they’re terrorists” or with an “i don’t know” Just for those 2 buildings???? that’s ridiculous! Look at how America supports Israel! and Israel is killing THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of innocent (YES INNOCENT) people in Palestine! how can i be an American and love that my country supports such a thing? hell i don’t even know why Israel is doing this to Palestinians!! i would call THEM terrorists

Answer #5

yes there are haters of every country but we are talking about america no??? You are not refuring to america when u say that peopel are judging saudis as terrorists? Yes our WORLD. I dont know why America is hated the most. Maybe becuase its powerful. And its freedom

Answer #6

My opinion on why millions of people hate America is as follows: almost every American I’ve personally spoken to has a massive ego; the American Army are always at war with other countries and taking their oil; despite countries like mine helping America whenever they’ve needed it, a lot of Americans can’t even show respect to the lost Australian soldiers; when they refer to America as “our world” and act as if America is the world’s police out to set other countries straight; and when they say “I’m an American!” like it’s supposed to mean something special? It’s not because of your “freedom”. That just sounds ridiculous. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a hater of the US, I accept that all people are different and that there’s hope for nice Americans. That’s just my opinion. :)

Answer #7

Your supposed to be prouud of the country u live in. Nothing wrong with that and sayin all americans have big ego’s is stereotyping.

Answer #8

no country is perfect. Everyone of them has flaws…nothin is fair in this world

Answer #9

well it doesn’t feel right for me to be proud that i’m an American when there are sick things our country is doing to other countries that never harmed us!!!!!

Answer #10

Angel, if you read my comment properly, you will clearly see that I wasnt stereotyping. And S-G, I’m glad you see what I do. I know my country isn’t perfect either, I wish the Prime Minister would bring our troops home. Obama is planning to send heaps of US troops over here and make us a target. :\

Answer #11

We’re not all the same either. There is an abundance of the anti-war sentiment in the U.S…. I would reckon a plurality… but we have a very powerful central Federal state that is extremely hawkish because they are lobbied to be so by monied interests. I live in a very conservative part of the country, and yet I am hard pressed to find one individual who favors these ongoing wars. Many are misled by the complicit media. We are bombarded daily with propaganda that Islamists are lurking behind every rock waiting to su!cide bomb us all to Jannah… but in spite of the daily “two minutes hate”… the people who buy into the scare tactics, still only want a way out… not an inroad into more war.

The state is very big and very powerful… and in the pockets of those who profit from war. We pledge our fealty daily to the state in the hopes that the state will protect us. Meanwhile. the state increasingly treats its subjects as potential threats. Our livelihoods are forfeit to bankroll the war machine through an inflated currency… and more recently an overt call for austerity measures. Those who caution against the unchecked power of the state are ostracized as dangerous individuals. Those who question the authority for going to war and the intrusion by the state into their guaranteed natural rights are marginalized as malcontents. Those who call for less interference into other sovereign countries’ business are called isolationists. Those who call for a fair banking and monetary system are called goldbugs… antiquated and potential threats to the hegemony of the state. The pattern being any dissident opinion is construed as a threat to the state… and vicariously a threat to the states charge to protect its citizenry… which as previously alluded to… is only a priority to the state inasmuch as it is the priority of a leech to not bleed its victim to death until another victim is at hand.

You should not view Americans as arrogant warmongers. We are the beleaguered beasts of burden who mindlessly go whichever way we’re prodded. We may be the vehicle the war machine is delivered upon… but we’re just as oblivious to the methodology, as we are to the destination. I do understand that this is no consolation for those trampled underfoot in the stampede… I am only trying to provide a better picture of what the case actually is.

In my opnion… the nomination of President Barack Obama was a referendum on the war sentiment… namely, a desire to withdraw from these wars, but he has yet to come through on his promises in this dept as he has in most others. But.. he did personally oversee the assassination of a man he claims was an American Al-Qaeda… so… I guess that makes him a Made man now.

Perhaps one day we will re-inherit a fully functioning prefrontal cortex… throw off the yoke of the statists and reclaim the mantle of sentient beings… but dont count on it. We’ll much sooner be driven over a financial cliff… or herded into an imperial slaughterhouse before that day arrives.

Answer #12

Am american and i live in Saudi Arabia,and believe me,i totally understand what you are trying to say,few bad people make all people look bad,after all,there are good and bad people everywhere,but Osama Bin Ladin was very big threat,that is why people have negative thoughts against Arabic people,i live around many arabic people,and they are sooo nice,and i believe that this country is much safer than United States,i’ve never heard about gun shot,or about someone being kidnapped,if you live here you will see,its most safe country in the world,it’s my opinion that i experienced.

Answer #13

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Answer #14

what ?! are you serious? :o WHY?! what do they just suddenly decide to make you a target? :l

Answer #15

what ?! are you serious? :o WHY?! what do they just suddenly decide to make you a target? :l

Answer #16

I agree. and seeing those who are from Bin Ladin’s family suffer from his reputation is just sick. they treat them like they’re terrorists when they’ve never even met him, they just happened to have the same last name. the world has a really corrupted idea about Arabs and Islam… i mean… they talk about Saudi Arabia like it’s following the rules of Islam like no other country, when really not all of the rules are being followed, i’m sure you get what i mean since you live there. and honestly? i think the US should worship Saudi’s because it’s UN-BELIEVABLE how much money the US gets from them even though KSA needs it!!

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