Are black roses really black or are they a deep, dark red?

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I heard they're just a deep dark red but I suppose some could be a true black, depending on how you look at it...

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I'm pretty sure that they are are extremely dark red.

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They are not natural or authentic. They can, however, be made by altering the genes to make a hybrid rose color including black, navy blue.

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I've looked around and I've gotten two different answers. One says there is a location which cannot be indentified that grows black roses in Europe and some part of Asia. And then there are people saying that there are no such things as black roses just really really deep red roses.

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Only if they are painted.

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They can be black if dyed.

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Did you know that cut flowers, daisys for example (which only grow in white and yellow) can be made many different colors by placing them in food colored water and the flower will soak it up and change color.

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they are just deep red, you can get real black roses by dying a regular rose

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