What do you think is the biggest driving distraction?

I think its a phone

Answer #1

Not just a phone. Talking on a phone is not really a distraction as we do that anyway if people are in the car. We hold drinks in our hands so holding the phone does it not it either. I think it is other applications on the phone that require us to focus away from the road, like sms, Internet surfing, taking notes etc. These are very dangerous and even i find myself looking up to realise that i am bearing of the road.

Answer #2

kids or childish ppl in the backseat,

Answer #3

Trying to steer with my knees while eating my lunch.

Answer #4

ya mean like google chat? lol

Answer #5

Also bending down to tie my shoe laces when I left on the last moment.

Answer #6

well for one thing its against the law to b e talking on the phone so that shouldnt be a distraction, especially not surfing the net or sending SMS :O

a good driver will know how to not get distracted by his passengers be it children, screaming/shouting etc.

what is a real distraction is the Fog lights of other cars, bad signaling from other drivers, singing (the driver), stupid ogling at provocatively dressed pedestrians, flashing blue lights, people calling and a few others

but again a good driver does not get distracted from what he is doing…. if they do well i think they need to take the test again….

Answer #7

actually strong LIGHTS are the worst distraction because they can blind you for a few seconds and you cant see the road properly

Answer #8

women walking past with big bangers…

i always have to have a butchers.

Answer #9

Oh my

Answer #10

mobile phones or makeup

Answer #11

a hot girl beside me ;)

Answer #12

I don’t think there is just one. In my opinion, the top distractions while driving are:

[1] Cell phones (talking and texting) [2] Eating while driving. [3] Trying to find something in the center console, or handbag while driving. [4] Loud Music. [5] Loud Passengers. [6] Other cars.

Answer #13

The wife is worse though. She adjust the rear view mirror to see she is doing her eye shadow properly while sticking her other hand out the window to dry the nail varnish that she just put on..

Answer #14

I think a backseat driver is, honestly. [A ‘backseat driver’ commonly refers to someone who is NOT driving, but is yelling at you trying to tell you how you should be driving.] After this, I’d say it’s a cellphone. After that, I’d say when people do their makeup in their car. Then it’s eating, drinking, and smoking.

Answer #15


Answer #16

Now this one does make sense…:)

Answer #17

Remind me to stay away from u guys on the road!!!!! Lol

Answer #18

just ignore em, and say uhu….uhu…uhu…raise music volume uhu…yeah i like this song :O

Answer #19

Sneezing :)

Answer #20

i beleive the main 2 things are firstly other drivers, especially ones who dont use their indicator or commonsense while driving and mobile phones, as obviously a LOT of people talk on the phone and drive at the same time despite being well aware of the dangers.

Answer #21

having mom in the passenger seat saying your going too fast sloooow down,etc….

Answer #22

the biggest distraction while driving is hands down using cell phones while driving. either texting or talking. i think talking doesnt bother me because i normally drive with one hand anyways and really never pay attention to the phone call, but txting you have to normally take your eyes off the road.

Answer #23

I dont mean to offend anyone on this subject…please read with proper consideration. I have to agree to all of these listed here because it isnt just one thing that can mess you up while in a car! People dont realize that the second ur messing with ur bag looking for that lip gloss, phone, sun glasses(that you forgot to put on before you left the house ect…) are causing you to think about something like “where did I put that/those?”…meaning ur head isnt focused on the road, or the person that just might cut you off in an instant & that is what causes most accidents! All it takes is a split second from breaking out of that concentration and missing the break. sometimes while you are driving at a certain speed, while the person in front of you short stops hitting the breaks, doesnt give you enough time to react & that can cause a chain reaction.
If you are going to drive to some destination, I dont care how urgent of a call your waiting for…shut that cell phone off, keep that bag away from you in the back seat or in the trunk, make sure your focused enough to be 100x careful so that you dont cause an accident for any reason & have enough time to get urself out of a sticky situation. That call can wait that 10-40 or 60 mins it may take you to get from one destination to another…long enough to keep you safe from harms way! Once you get to your destination, reopen that cell hear your voice mail if one was left for you, exit your vehicle & open the trunk & get what you need from your bag…nothing & no one is worth taking a life and spending yours under ground for that one txt, call or grabbing something from a bag…I mean seriously people…its a life or death we are talking about…and nothing is more important then being safe!

Answer #24

makes perfect sense actually.! ahahahah

Answer #25

your a bloody distraction

Answer #26

who me? :P

Answer #27

yes you lol

Answer #28

MY biggest distraction is if I’m driving with our puppy haha, she’s usually really good in the car and just sits on the passenger seat but if she smells something ‘nice’ out the window she will dive onto my lap and try to jump out the window.

Answer #29

My brother

Answer #30

My brother

Answer #31

lol, as long as I distract you, then we are all good! Now if it was someone else I would say…:P

Answer #32

:p indeed ;) lol

Answer #33

my boyfriend hhhh. i can;t focus when he is around hhh

Answer #34


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