What's the best username you've ever seen?

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I'm not sure.
I like the username amblessed from this site. I also like the username sillygirl006.
Those two usernames from here are my favorite from two people.

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I like some of the ones I use:
lanternoflight, silent_surrendering: Both are based on my belief in God

My friend uses one that I really like, but I cannot remember it now. hah.

Don't let it get the best of you?

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Devil Hunter is my total favorite... its my own username I use on most sites except funadvice... informer is also in the theme of the site :P

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well I would have to say...that I like my usernames! nobody ever has it before me! lol
''Aznsk8er'' Haha I love it! I'm asian and I'm a skater! lol

And on photobucket, my username is ''Schemo Kitty''
I dont know why but I just chose that username! I like hello kitty but I dont know where I got ''schemo from'' :)

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blerggher :)

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When someone asks "What race are you?" what do they mean?

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"ChodeMaster5000" Lol, my friends are pretty...uhh different.

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I use it everywhere now!
:) :) :)

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It's so stupid, it's funny :}

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Theres sum I like on here: xxEmo Blahxx,red_rose_mafia,emotastic,and xxHellsxxangelxx lol those are the best and mi friend jennifers old yahoo XxLove&&PeaceXx

Funny/rude names :P
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Some pretty noobish usernames there. Long usernames like "Prettygirl037" or "sillygurl3253" or even "GaNGsTaGuRlLL357" are noobish. Try to avoid the pretty/sexy girl or boy types, and also the name types such as "Nicole9340" or "Jenshygurl234". Use good usernames that are from 3-10 letters that have no numbers and only have one syllable. An example of a good one would be "Cream", "Soda". More that one syllable words can also be used, like "Designer". If you want a name username, put no numbers in it. I've seen people with the username "Alex", which is their real name. Short names like these make people remember you better and it's easier for everything ^O^

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You should have a user name like "SpellForce" or "Angels Of Darkness" or HurricaneKICK !!! These have meaning and are also COOL !!!

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BMW lol *_^

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