Who walks naked around the house?

Who walks naked around the house even in front of family? How it started?

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haha wiiierd :p
I think it would be kind of embarrasing haha.
babys do it!

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ewww your disgusting

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No I do not that is just wierd

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Not me.
I find that disgusting >.<

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I walk around naked when im home alone but I don't do if in front of my family. it's not that I don't want them to see me naked I don't care who sees me naked, it's just that I don't want to offend them. If they didnt mind or did it themselves then I would. It's not wierd at all. there's nuthing wrong with it. I've found that it's A LOT easier to be comfortable with yourself and your body and others bodies then it is to be uncomfortable. there's more important things to worry about in life. :)

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I walk around the house all the time but only when I'm home alone. But I ounce walked around the house completely naked and my step grandmother was home with me. And my parents were gone for a week and if I was off from work I was naked in front of her and she never said a word to me about being uncomfortable with me being naked.

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