How do you know when you have bed bugs?

How do you know when you have bed bugs because every morning I wake up, I got a bump on me, like a bug bite, my mom said one looks like a bee bite, and she said that she just washed my sheats like yesterday and I still found bites, how do you get rid of bed bugs? If I have them. And my mom said she wont wash them again, what do I do? Is it even bed bugs? And its not my hiegiene, but 1 more question, my legs, could it be shaving, and not bugs? Please help me

Answer #1

Its a spider bite. It’s only one or two bites at a time, they look like mosqito bites that you scrachted too much or a bee sting? If so its likely a wood spider , there brown with hair and can grow as big as a baseball. They look like a tarantula and the only difference is that they aren’t poisenous, but they do leave big red itchy marks when they bite. Spiders are very teritorial and this one has apparently claimed you’re bed as his home. I bet that you’re bed is near the corner of your room where it is easier to make a nest. Clean you’re entire room throrougly and was all your bedding and pillows in case of eggs. If your bed is in the corner, pull it out and clean the corner to make sure there is nothing it can live in like under a pillow that fell or a book leaning against the wall. However, if you don’t find a spider it could be a beatle. Water beetles bite but it depends on where you live. Wood spiders live anywhere but certain beetles that bite only live in certaon places. Either way, close the door to youre room most of the time so that if they are in another part of your house, they don’t go into your room. Close your window especially if you don’t have a screen in it. Lastly, keep absolutely no food of any kind in your room, don’t even spray perfume, put it on in your bathroom. It is absolte;y not bed buds because they leave dozens of tiny red dots on your skin at a time. Razor bumps from shaving also leave dozens of small red dots in a cetain area. The reason I know so much about this is because it has happened to me a few times. Good luck!

Answer #2

I already have bitten by bed bugs. On my arm. Sombody told me that they look like apple seeds black. When they bite you they bite you like in 3 in a row.

Answer #3

yes, you can get small red bumps from shaving especially if you shave with plane water and not shaving cream also if its not that it could be a spider bite because you dont notice the bites that bed bugs give you

Answer #4

Haha I doubt you have bed bugs! But I would suggest googling it, and asking the school nurse. If you only have one bite then it most likely not bed bugs because you would have many bites all over and they are more like misquote bites. If its just a big bite but always in a different place you could very will have a little creature sleeping with you. Have the nurse check it out and see what she says. Get some new sheets and put the old ones in a bag with no air to suffocate the “bug” and do the same with any stuffed animals you have. Leave them in the bag for about two weeks then you can change back! Hope you find the problem to your solution. (side note its not from shaving)

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