What are some off the beaten path small towns around the world I can put into a fake trip around the world (no big cities please)?

Answer #1

I only have a vague idea what you might mean by “off the beaten path” in the context of small towns. These Cities perhaps meet your criteria on account of their size:

Vatican City Size: 0.17 sq. mi. (0.44 km²) Population: 783 (2005 census) Location: Rome, Italy

Monaco Size: 0.8 sq. mi. (1.96 km²) Population: 35,657 (2006 estimate) Location: French Riviera on the Mediterranean

Nauru Size: 8 sq. mi (21 km²) Population: 13,005 (2005 estimate) Location: Western Pacific Ocean

Tuvalu Size: 9 sq. mi. (26 km²) Population: 10,441 (2005 estimate) Location: South Pacific

San Marino Size: 24 sq. mi. (61 km²) Population: 28,117 (2005 estimate) Location: North-central Italy near the Adriatic coast.

On the other hand if by “off the beaten track” you want: the most remote / isolated / inaccessible places, I recommend you look at the following for further ideas

“… Top 10 Most Remote Places in the World …”

– Best wishes - Majikthise.


Answer #2

Check out where I am at: aboututila.com


Answer #3

LAIDLEY Queensland, Australia 4341!!!

Answer #4

Strewth Bruce, Try the Outback:

Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Oz.

Answer #5

Europe is full of small towns nobody bothers to visit because they always go to Paris, Rome, and Barcelona, although this is understandable. Check out Brugge in Belgium, Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Germany, Strasbourg in France, and Vianden in Luxembourg. These get some tourists, but they are not major tourist centres and incredible towns to visit.

Answer #6

Lenoir nc or patterson nc

Answer #7

Man, if you have ever been to Rothenburg during the day in summer, you would not say there are not major tourist numbers there…

Answer #8

PETARTED!!! awesome episode :)

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