How can I make getting out of town a reality?

Okay so… I’ve been thinking about dropping out of High School. I know I’m not going to… so please no replies saying DONT DO IT!!! Because. Fck. I’m not.. jesus. Anyways- I want to. BUT I need to get out of this town.. My friend feels the exact same way… we both have pretty fcked up families.. f*cked up school situations… Well we thought that since we both know that dropping out of school.. would be a terrible… mistake.. eh. I think we should hit the road summer 09.. Just get out of town.. road trip.. I know this sounds crazy and irrational.. but that’s my life.. that’s her life.. It seems pretty rational to me. I think that if I don’t go… things are going to explode.. maybe implode… We both need to get out and I’ve got to ticket to ride.. (beatles reference there) So just help me out here.. And tell me what I need to do to make this a reality and not some irrational immature.. irresponsible thought. And if you plan on telling me: NO NO NO NO RUN AWAY. Then do me a favor… and go to the next question. Cheers

Answer #1

No, you’re not Jesus but it’s obvious you need Him - with the plan you have, you’re going Nowhere in life - choice is yours.

Answer #2

Do you have family that live somewhere else? Like another town? That would be good place to start (especially if you are under 18 and broke). You could go visit uncle Jesse or Auntie Gloria for awhile and try to get a job in that town. If not, then you need money and a plan. So start by getting a part time job to save money and then when you have enough you can go for a road trip and try your luck elsewhere. Which means you should plan a budget and set your sites on a place where you think you’ll be able to work. And, you are right, getting an education is a must because it helps you get better paying jobs that can pay for travels, health insurance and basic living costs (rent, food, bus). Last but not least, we all have families that are a bit weird and I doubt yours is any different. The important thing is that you don’t do something immature and stupid like run away but you do something mature and intelligent like taking responsibility for yourself. This means being serious about a plan, working hard and being honest. Your family might even help you out if they see you’re serious about your dreams. If they haven’t given up on you then don’t give up on them.

Answer #3

After High School I did something like what you want to do. Life at that time stunk and I really needed to “get away”. I was living in Oregon at the time and looking back, it wasn’t as bad as I made it out to be. But for me, at the time, it was. A few of my friends were looking into summer jobs, and heard about a company looking for summer help to work for them in another city. They were interviewing people at the local college and trying to fill entry level positions (crap jobs) for the summer. The company was Harrah’s Hotel and Casino, and the place they were hiring for was in Reno Nevada. I jumped at it, got into an interview and sold myself as not a summer worker but more of a permanent employee.

I was offered a better job than most in the housekeeping department, and after a few months was able to transfer out and into a better paying position. I got there with two suitcases by Greyhound Bus and enough money to find a really cheap apartment. Since many of my friends were also coming down for the summer, I got them to hand me money so that when I got there I could find an apartment. I left my bags in the bus station lockers and hit the local city buses to find the apartment.

It was the biggest change in my life and I still look back with fond memories. But planning and thinking about what bases you will need to cover should be first in your mind. You will need Money for an apartment and food, a job so that you keep earning money, and a plan to get there and get around. Visit your local college, see who is coming to town hiring students for summer work. See if the college as a job fair day. Then start saving money and make a plan. Keep in mind for this to work you can’t just jump into this. The better the planning and preparation the more likely you are to succeed.


Answer #4

Some actual advice would be helpful. But if you’re just going to say: Don’t do it… or you’re going nowhere in life.. then please DON’T say ANYTHING. Thanks.. so much. And Mr. “AmBlessed” Maybe in your opinion I’m not going anywhere… maybe in your small/closed minded outlook on life.. it looks like I’m not. But if you’d open your eyes to the world around you and realize that we are meant to accomplish and dream the impossible.. then just maybe you could see the big picture of things. How very christian of you. Find Jesus.

Answer #5

I know you do not want to hear this but…


Answer #6

Are you 18 yet

Answer #7

You dont want to hear the TRUTH

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