Can the neighbor spray water at my dog?

Can the neighbor spray water at my dog? I have a 4 pound chihuahua and when ever the neighbor comes out of the house it barks at her. But if I’m home I tell the dog to shut up. The problem is that I saw my neighbor with her friend spraying water to the dog and told her not to do it ans she say she was going to do keep doing. I just want to know if there is something that I can do to stop her from spraying MY dog.

Answer #1

If the dog is legally in your yard, barking is what dogs do - if they ignore, he’ll stop - spraying with water is just aggravating the dog who will in turn bark even more probably - I would explain this to your neighbor - if she continues, call police and file a report/complaint - Document…Hope all works out well !!

Answer #2

Call the police and file a complaint. AS long as your dog is on your property and not harming hers or her or anyone else then there is no case. This is not her legal right. The water is aggravating your poor puppy and how dare she!! If anyone tried that w/my dog you know they’d be a call to the police the first time! Its YOUR pet. She has no right whatsoever. Dogs bark. Helllooo Cats meow…U have to file a complaint and she wont stop until she is approached about it. Make sure you go to the police station first and tell them the whole story and find out what your rights are. Tell them when it started and how you asked her not to do it but she has ignored u. your dog is barking at her cause it feels negative energy about her and already hates water. your job is to be a parent to your pet. Just as you would to your kids. The only time your pup should b around water is in your bathtub when your washing him or in your backyard w/u or at the beach. Stop this. Its considered cruel and abusive. Its NOT ok.

Answer #3

chances are she just doesn’t like your barking dog. maybe she just did it to get your attention. how you handle it could make a big difference in what happens next. if you whine to her about it she’ll probably get pissed at you and either keep spraying your dog because she knows it pisses you off…or maybe she’ll kick things up to the next level and start kicking your dog, or feed it antifreeze, or something like that. it doesn’t take much work to dispose of a 4 pound dog…just a thought.) maybe let her know you’re trying to get your dog to stop barking, but could she please refrain from spraying it? that’ll only buy you time though. if it keeps barking, she’ll keep doing crap to it. bottom line; chihuahuas suck. get a bigger dog. I guarantee you wouldn’t have this problem if you owned a rottweiler. ;)

Answer #4

I feel your pain I also have a terrible neighbor my dog has gotten out 2 times since I have owned him and she is right on the phone threatinging to call animal control and the police on me I told her to knock it off and she wouldn’t so I called the cops on her It is harrassment to you and your dog. it is not abuse since the dog was not hurt or emotionaly distressed by it. you need to document the incident. she might have just been running her mouth as if it doesn’t happen agian I would let it lie since you have to live right next to her. If it dose happen again call the police you need it documented by them and for most people being told by the police to knock it off or you will be pressing charges would be enough for them to stop but if you have a phyco neighbor like mine it might have to go to court. when I called the polce on her they told me that at any time I could file a harrassment complaint against her at the court hourse. but I am taking it one step at a time since I have to live next door to her She has done lots of other non dog related things to us but that is besides the point at no time is it okay for you to squirt her back that is harrassament by you and as satifying as it may be you don’t want to give her any excuess for her actions if you need to go to court. the only legal recourse for her is to call animal control for barking but as long as your dog isn’t incessently barking or barking between the hours of 9:00pm until 6:00am she has nothing check your citys laws about dog controll in my city it is on the internet under town ordinces ordince refering to dogs allowed to run at large they kind of put all dog owing rules in that one also self defence only applies if your life is in danger spraying her back would be considered retailation. My heart goes out to you good luck.

Answer #5

if your dog barks it barks that is what a dog does and your neighbor shouldnt spray your dog for doing a natrual thing its like they would spray you for talking

Answer #6

spray here back if she dont want to be nice to your dog… when you are with your nieghbor, shush your dog. do this a few times a week untill the dog ignores the neighbor… you correct your dog. if you dont correct the behavoir then it will assume the behavior is warranted and accepted. your dog thinks you let it bark… and it picks up on your energy. If you dont like your nieghbor then let it bark and when she sprays it, spray her in self defense.. I bet she wont spray your dog anymore. that would be funny.. but fair.

Answer #7

spraying a dog with water is a tried and true method of training. but is she blasting your dog with the hose, or using a water gun for a mild shot of water? having a neighbor’s dog bark everytime you go outside is a big headache and is not fair to the neighbor. is it possible to take the dog to her house and “introduce” them? that might help. maybe she could give the dog a treat and talk to her when she goes outside. it is not fun to be in a fight with your neighbor. and if the barking continues, she can call the police. doesn’t seem fair but is legal.

Answer #8

The dog does not bark a lot only when she goes out from the house into the garage. And most of the times I’m there to tell the 4 lb. dog to be quite. The thing is that I dont think is fair that she get to do that to MY DOG. when I’m not spraying her with water. And I understand that we live in a townhome but she should understand that noice is always going to be there.

Answer #9

She is spraying the dog with water as she knows it will stop barking straight away. Its a technique dog trainers use.

Its not doing the dog any harm and eventually the dog will be that scared of the water coming that it will stop barking when it has learned its lesson.

If the dog barks excessively and she can prove it, at our end the council would make you remove the dog.

Its probably best you try and teach it to stop barking sooner rather than later. Try clicker training, that works with anything.

Good luck

Answer #10

call the police and report animal abuse

Answer #11

spray the neighbor back!

Answer #12

first of all that isnt her dog so she cant be doing that!!!

Answer #13

Its animal abuse call the cops!

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