Which bank should i go with: us bank or bank of america?

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sorry for the caps

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its okay(: and jeez.... i'll go look that up

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lol yeah i was asking myself the same question yesterday and then they told me that

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Look for the pros and cons of each bank ... check out locations and wich ones is more beneficial for you. I had bank of america for a really long time and I hate the way there system runs ... you can check your balance over the phone, but it doesn't update by transaction it updates by day. (and on the weekend it will update monday evening) so that is never right. Their customer service agents give you the wrong information wich will cause you to get a fee and then when you fight it they sit down and listen to the call and they say "oh I am sorry we will coach the agent the correct information... but regardless you still have to pay" those are just some of the experiences I have had... You need to choose the right one for your needs. :)

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All banks have good things and bad things about them, you csn go to the banks r search them up and see the service they offer and what you like and what you dont like.
My dad has had an account with bank of america for as long as I can remember, and the serfice have always been great, but I cant speak for the other banks outhere.

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I have had that happen to me a lot..not only that i had a 14,000 credit line with them, was there for a long time, and had a great record for paying on time no miss payments 7 all & then snap, one day without saying a word, I find out that they cut my credit line to 7,500 & what was the reason for that, because they felt other people needed the credit line I earned for all those years, tough times & because I wasnt using all that credit per month so they decided to give it to someone else that needed it! I was p!ssed sh!tless called the people in charge 7 said after viewing your last credit history on ur transactions, we felt you were only using a certain amount of the credit line, so they were entitled to cutting my credit line into half which would have been just fine for my so called credit cart history report! They also claimed they sent me notice prior to that incident, amazing because I never got one in the mail and if I hadnt seen that cut on my current credit card statement I wouldnt even know til I did check them!
To be honest, no bank is a good bank, they all have one interest in mind, how to get more of your money...so no matter what bank you do go to, just check out how much % they take on late fees, what the rule are about your credit line & if they have authority to cut it when they see fit!

Good luck on finding a good bank for you!

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I say Bank of America :)

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