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so I was online the other day filling out an application for a checking account from bank of america. when I entered my birthday it said "error must be over 18 to apply" ( Im 16) so I put another birthday and continued with my social security etc.. the weird thing is that my application got approved even though I put incorrect information, I would like to keep my account but im worried that I might get in trouble because I lied. anyone know if this is going to be a problem? thanks in advanced

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The fact that the application gave you an error and you had to manually put in a birth date to say you were 18 means that you can't lie about it - you knew exactly what you were doing.

What you did was illegal and constitutes fraud.

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It will be a problem when they catch the error, but just lie some more to gey out of it. Sometimes when things have a certain age requirement they automatically set a birthdate. Funadvice did that when I first signed up, granted it put the date of that day, but oh well. Just be like I accedently put the wrong year. I had no idea you had to be 18. It was approved so I didn't think anything of it I apologise. =]

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I'd get a lawyer or at least keep it on the down low, if you catch my drift

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I'm pretty sure they'll catch it when you cash a check.

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