Am I too big to be a dancer?

I am a 15 yr old ballet dancer. I am 5’2” and 100 pounds. Am I too big for a dancer?

Answer #1

no way thats actually pretty healthy, cause as a dancer you need muscle and seeing as that weighs more than fat so you shouldn’t be thinking about your weight as in weighing too much, more of weighing too little. I’m a dancer myself and before summer I was 122 lbs at 5 foot 4.5 inches and was trying to gain 3 lbs in muscle which would have made me more secure and controlled as dancer, sadly I had to undergo surgery and I’ve lost weight and am down to 115 lbs last time I checked and unfortunately I’ve lost a lot of the control and balance I once had. Losing weight sometimes can take a toll on your dancing. Just 8 months ago I had clean quintuple pirouette working and a fouette turns on pointe, now I cant do a clean triple pirouette or a fouette on flat… so ignore your weight, eat healthily, and focus on your dancing thats the only way to have fun and get better on your own, you may loose a dress size or two this way, I did!

Answer #2

no your not look at stewie hes small butt he dances and me im skinny and I got a gold medal for stepping alsso I lke to dance. it dont matter if your big,what matters is your personality of what your dancing.ilke to dance hip hop and india and now im learning ballroom dancing,ballet is start of your dancing and I hope you get far with your dancing like me and im younger than u

Answer #3

No way, I’m 5’9” and I weigh 125 (15 years old) and I’ve been dancing for 6 years. You’re fine and I’m sure that any male ballet dancer would be thrilled to have such a feather as a partner.

Answer #4

Nobody Is too big to be a dancer. It’s not about your body size, it’s feeling beautiful about you and how you dance. I have dancer for 11 years… so I am the one to know.

Answer #5

No if anything you need to gain some weight. I am 15 weighting 187pounds and can be a ballet dancer can drop it like ta and still do a good damn job. So you are fit to be a ballet.

Answer #6

Luk I dont know if thats an gud rate or not but what I do know is that if you love dancing nothing else should matter. Work your hardest & be MORE than the best you can be. If you are determined to do that youd be an awesome dancer

Answer #7

No way are you to big to be a dancer. You sound perfect. why the hell do u think your too big??? I 5’1’ and weigh 103 pounds and I Break Dance and people tell me I’m to small. I dont worry about it because if I’m a good dancer than it does really matter. Just love what you do and stop worring. <3

Answer #8

HECK NO!!! i am 15 almost 16 and i am 5’4” and i wiegh 114. my little sister is an inch shorter than me, but weighs more than i do. she is a dancer to. no one is to big to dance. it is a sport anyone can learn to do.

Answer #9

You would be prefect! I dance ballet I started when I was three so I know a lot about this kind of stuff. But let me just say one thing. Ballet takes almost eight years to learn. So you may not be able to be a company dancer but you could still dance.

Answer #10

well not rally.i am 5 foot 6.5 and i weigh 109 directors ma tell you to lose weight but dont listen

Answer #11

At the moment your size is perfect.

It is true that smaller dancers are better dancers in general due to the nature of the dance, and also especially when you dance pas de deux. The guy shouldn’t struggle to lift you up! But on the other hand you should also have enough strength for ballet can be very strenious.

I think rather worry about your technique and feeling you put into your dancing - in the end that is most important.

And enjoy :)

Answer #12

You sound perfect, if your taking lessons somewhere, ask the people who are training you, or check out sits on the webs that will give you really accurate information, like the Big Dancing Studios.

Answer #13

lol deff not for heavens sake im 4’11 120 lbs and I’ve been dancing 12 years

Answer #14

You’re not too big to dance. I’m 13 and I’m 5’3” and 98 lbs and my dance teacher says that that’s skinny! You don’t have to have an eating disorder to dance!

Answer #15

You are definitely not to big to be a dancer, to be a rockette you have to be 5’ 6’’ and way at least 130 pounds.

P.S check out my group, it’s for dancers! P.P.S I love ballet

Answer #16

not at all. I used to dance. but I don’t anymore. I have a gold medal and a few other medals. but no you’re a the perfect size.

Answer #17


Answer #18

thats perfect girly wirly keep it up and do your best!!!

Answer #19

Of couse no! thats perfect

Answer #20

Perfect size.My friend Lexi is the same.

Answer #21

im 13 and I do ballet I weigh about 105 pounds and im about 5ft4 so I dont think your too big to dance. xxx georgia

Answer #22

heck no im 5’ 4” and im 14 I wiehg 120 but I play a lot of sports but I dance…

Answer #23

nah your really the great size to dancer

Answer #24

U are PERFECT =)

Answer #25

no way! Your perfect:)

Answer #26

I’m 5ft 7 I doo ballet!! =] its good n all =]

Answer #27

of course your not dont think that go on have a try and and if you think your too big and cant do it then quit easy as that love you babe have a try gd luk

love laurenxxx

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