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So we really need some extra money especially since I'm not working right now and we are about to move into our new house. I am thinking of making some customized baby onsies, pillowcase dresses, bibs, bottles, blankets, and tutu from my home and selling them to make some extra cash. I used to love making things and I can draw quite good. Although I have no idea where I would sell them. I was thinking about Craigslist but I'm not sure. Where would you think I should try and sell them at?

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I have a friend that does this. She made her own website and she sells her items from there. The last time I heard, she was making quite a living off of the website. Good Luck!

ANSWER #2 of 11 will allow you to make a page of up to 80 products to sell and it's free, and like everyone else is saying, ebay would be a good way to go about it.
You could also post things in both places (put the link to your page with the item you post on ebay). That will 'herd' people searching for your products right to your page, and you most likely end up making more sales.

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ebay is a good site
and as mysetrywolf said, etsy is also a good site
its full of people selling there diy things
from shoes to paintings, clothes, jewelrey, woodwork, ect
you could also ask your friends to pass on the news to people they know
for possibly more buyers
and maybe even make pamflets or something to hand out or to put in shop windows, on poles, in the supermarket, ect that you sell diy baby items

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Other than Ebay, has been a pretty popular way for online businesses as well.

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craigslist would prooly be your best bet

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I don't know any places over there, but what about trying places like kindergardens etc etc, I'm sure someone there might just be willing to sell some items to mothers and most mother tend to have children around the same age so might be worthwhile looking at.

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I would use Craigslist like you said. It's always the best because it doesn't charge to have things up for sale, like Ebay.

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Well depending on where you live there's many places you could make some extra cash. I live in New Jersey where there are flea markets EVERYWHERE. Great place to set up a little stand and you could even see items around your house you have no need for any longer. They usually charge a small flat rate. Good luck and very creative ;-)

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I think craigslist is a good idea. my aunt uses it and is quite successful in selling the items she doesnt use anymore. so you should probably be successful in selling your merchandies since it is actually new.

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Newborns will need onesies or one piece body suits. They are easy to remove and put one because of their strategically placed buttons. Cloth diapers are also important as these can save you tons of cash in the long run. Protect your baby from scratching his face by getting him some mittens. This will also keep his fingers warm. The same can be said for pajamas and socks. Babies get cold easily so the appropriate night time wear is also important.
Eco friendly baby apparel like those made from are the 'in' nowadays. They are made from natural materials and are made without dyes or harmful chemicals. These are safe for a baby's sensitive skin.

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