Does Vicks Vaporub on a baby's feet stop coughing?

What can you tell me about the myth of putting Vicks vapo rub on the bottom feet of babies for coughing or congestion? Does this work?

Answer #1

I would imagine that viks would work, although I find it sensitive enough onm why skin, so when I use it on my 10 month old I just mix a little of it with plain old vaselilne to ease the tingling of it on his skin, but its still working!! putting it on his chest is just fine, im a reflexologist and rubbing it on his feet has other benefits, like your soft touch that soothes your child and will help him to sleep as he feels comforted by you. use very gentle pressure though (not tickling though) and also use a direction towards the heart, this aids in good circulation and the warmth of your massage movements will also help for the vaseline to penetrate affectively! im from south africa originally and we have a eucalyptus remedy called ‘’Carvol’’ (not sure where else in the world they stock it) but it comes in little capsules and you just break it open and put a drop on their baby grow, it aslo helps to clear the airways, so breathing is easier and helps them to sleep peacefully. this is a remedy made especially for children so there is NO worries to use it if you’re nervous about the strength of Vicks. (personally I prefer Carvol, even for myself).

hope that helped :)

Answer #2

When you put oil with garlic on a person’s feet… you can taste the garlic in your mouth within 5 minutes.. because the feet can absorb into them, right into the body. It sounds strange, but it is very true.

Because of that… yes putting vicks vapor rub on a child’s.. or an adults feet for that matter helps absorb it in faster and it helps stop the coughing very quickly and helps sooth a child… or adult into a good sleep. I have tried it on myself and my kids… it works every time 100%.

Answer #3

This does work. I have been coughing thru the night for almost 2 weeks, none of the over the counter cough syrups or allergy medicines were helping, not Benadryl nor Claritin. Yesterday a co-worker told me about this remedy and I was very skeptical of the results. Nonetheless I decided to give it a try at bedtime last night. I massaged a small amount into the arches of my feet and last night was the first night in weeks that I have slept through without a cough.

Just in case you are wanting to know, I was also coughing throughout the day as well, it is almost 1 p.m. now and I am just beginning to start coughing again. I guess the Vicks effect is starting to wear off. But rest assured, the Vicks will be applied again as soon as I get home from work this afternooon.

Answer #4

You know I thought my mom was nuts when she told me this however, I tried it and it really does work. I will never admit it to her but it really does work adn I am so happy. Maybe I can sleep tonight withour coughing.

Answer #5

There is a “natural” alternative to Vicks Vaporub at health Food stores. It doesn’t contain petrolium distillants. It works to help calm a cough when applied to the bottoms of feet!

Answer #6

I agree! Vicks on the feet definitely works!!! from personal experience, my 2 1/2 yr. old daughter has had some coughing spells in the night and I’ve gone in there and slathered vicks on her feet, stuck her socks back on, and VOILA! no more coughing! Have also heard stories from friends that it has worked for them too.

Answer #7

Being a nurse I was not sure of this. But I have used it on my family this week when nothing else seemed to work. It done wonders. Removed the cough and they slept better. My daugther would ask for it when she started coughing after several hours.

Answer #8

Dear dramaqn, This is an old wives fact we recommend not using Vicks rub at all. It contains turpentine which is a toxic solvent. In some children with breathing problems this can cause an attack. I would avoid it at all cost. Sue…good luck

Answer #9

No! you put it on their chest just like any other person. It helps cause the vapors go up and they breathe it in, which helps their congestion and coughing. But make sure its safe for babies…

Answer #10

It not only works on babies, but on kids…and even adults. I use it with my 3 month old, my 4 year old, and myself. It works within minutes! You can go from hacking up a lung to sleeping sooo quickly. Works way faster than a humidifier (though still good to use one) and cough medicine, plus you take away the fear of them rubbing it off of their chest and into their mouth or eyes.

Absolutely works!!!

Answer #11

Babies’ skin is very sensitive - perhaps that’s why you heard the idea of putting it on their feet instead of their chest. But it’s the warmth of the body near the face which makes vaporub work so I can’t imagine it working on the feet!

My friend bought something you could just put on a handkerchief near the baby as he slept - it seemed just as good as vaporub on the chest, and that way you avoid the sensetive skin issue.

Answer #12

It works. My little sister has allergies, and we did that for her, and her cough went away

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Answer #14

No it does not work it is just a wives tale.

Answer #15

I am laughing at the young people’s answers on here. YES, you can put Vicks Vapo rub on your feet TOO. Especially if you have a cold. You should put on socks after applying. It makes you sleep better. Of course you can use it the old fashioned way on your chest as well.

I hate it when people think they know what they are talking about, when they actually do not.

Answer #16

yeah what he said

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