I’m going to Australia next summer for a school academic thing. I’m not going for learning. lol. I want to see Australia. Can anyone tell me anything about it? I want to know important details before I go. I’m so excited!!!

Answer #1

Aww you are so going to love it in Oz :)

Goat 11 pretty much sumed it all up…

Adelaide the city isnt bad, great shopping in the Rundall Malls and they have the largest shopping centre in Elizabeth.. But if you like wines, then Barasso Valley would be a great 1 day trip as they take you to vine yards, lunch is included and you get to share a bottle of wine with the person sitting next to you :) – Adelaide can get pretty hot and humid thou.. lots of pubs and churches thou which usually surprises people.

Tasmania: Summer holidays are always fun, lots of sun, water and heat.. If you do have spare time, don’t forget to visit Tasmania (it’s a little island which isnt attached to Australia but is still part of Oz)… The sceneries are awesome, the island is like a mini New Zealand.

If your staying in Melbourne, just take the Spirit of Tasmania (an upmarket ferry ride) from Melbourne to Devenport (Tasmania)… the sea trip is approximately 11 hours, but its value for money and you get to met other tourists or Aussie locals.

You are travelling within the peak season, most accommodations, ferries, flights should be booked in advance to get decent deals otherwise you will be paying an arm and leg for these…We once left our accommodation reservations til the last week before we flew out to Tasmania and end up playing more then what it should be had we made bookings like 2 or 3 months in advance.

Answer #2

g’day mate, so your coming to australia. its beautiful here, things ya must eat before you leave is vegemite and tim tams, if ya staying in sydney ya gotta climb the harbour bridge, ride on a ferry. go bush walking. go to night clubs, drink beer and swear a lot. when your driving at night, lookout for wild animals jumping out in the road at night, if ya hit a deer your vehicle will be write off and the deer goes away alive. watchout for snakes in your backyard. record videos of our toilet water spinnig backward before going down the toilet. swim with our friendly trained sharks at bondi beach in sydney or in the harbour. keep an eye out for snakes. tip the kangaroo that delivers the mail. visit the blue mountains, when you get back home message me, and pay me for that information. lol. Well good luck. safe trip and GOOD ON YA MATE!

Answer #3

Well, now I live in Perth, which is on the western side, and is the most isolated city in the world… Its nice over here and everything is pretty and stuff, but the eastern states are really more exciting. Queensland has the awesome theme parks.. Melbourne has great culture, and music, and clubs and stuff… Sydney, is, well, Sydney… And I’ve never been to Adelaide, but I’ve heard it is beautiful…

Answer #4

I live in Australia :D

I dunno, your question is pretty broad… where are you going? Do you have any plans already or just do what you feel like once here…

Take a surfing lesson! Go snorkeling! There is heaps to do here and your question is pretty vague. What exactly do you want to know??

Answer #5

A jerk I know lives there -__- Thats no help but I had to get it out.

Theres beautiful beaches and amazing animals.

Answer #6

Anything about it. I’m not sure exactly where I’m going to be staying. =[

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