What is up with global warming?

what is up with global warming?

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Interesting article:


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There actually is some non-politically motivated facts mixed in with the Al Gore movie that you should really listen to. The Kyoto convention is the best source for Global Warming and I would like to invite anyone who has a lot of information on the subject to create there own group on the subject.

The fact is that Global warming is hard to perceptively feel by checking your thermostat or watching weather patterns. The biggest proof of global warming is the melting glaciers worldwide. Should Greenland melt, the previously frozen fresh water will mix with the salt water and effectively alter the jet stream, and this is predicted to throw Europe into a new Ice Age. So it isn’t allways heat that is the result of global warming. The distribution of the heat is where we see the problems. Look at the hurricane activity in the Gulf Coast and really ask yourself if the changing weather patterns there are just a fluke when the hurricanes keep moving further west and some have even started moving west to east.

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Sea levels

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Global warming is something very, very true.. and is definitely happening. But look back at history… the earth’s temperatures have had HUGE fluctuations before. I think we’re reaching another heat wave right now, but we are NOT causing it. Yes, pollution and all the cra*p that humans throw into the atmosphere are affecting it, and making it worse and more dangerous, but we are not causing it.

Unfortunately captainassassin is correct, most people assume that nothing is going to happen to them in their lifetime, so why should they care? As long as they get the dough, there should be nothing to be concerned about.

America is so selfish.

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I think we might as well do something about it. It’s been proven and we have the technology to stop it, or at least improve it. Better safe than sorry :)

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It’s Gods way of messing with Al Gore. . . .

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Yep. The PROBLEM with that concept, is that its far more profitable to CONTINUE polluting the Earth.

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“global warming” is just a cycle the earth goes thru evey 2000 years or so

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Wow…I’m officially freaked out. :-)

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Yup. ^

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