Are ghosts real or is the belief of them immoral?

I’m doing a research paper on ghostly phenomena in the christian perspective and I need quick advice. Do you agree that ghosts are real? I believe that the Bible is right when stating that we go to either heaven or hell when we die, but I also believe that it doesn’t lie when it says that God sends angels and the devil sends demons. To me, ghosts are just angels or demons sent by God or Satin to either harm us or protect us. What is your view?

Answer #1

I have attached a picture that I took of a cemetary in Illinois. I also have stories that are from my own experience if you want to tell you the stories let me know.

Answer #2

there are really no such things as ghosts its just the devil and his demons trying to trick your mind DONT BELIEVE HIM!! HES THE FATHER OF ALL LIES

Answer #3

I appreciate all of your advice. If you give me something really good, I will quote it in my paper and give you credit. If that is ok. Thank you.

Answer #4

In the Old Testament, Saul asks the Witch of Endor to call forth Samuel’s spirit. She does so and Samuel appears.

So from a Biblical perspective, I’d say that yes, ghosts exist and they can be communicated with by those who are alive.

(From my own scientific perspective, I’d say no)

Answer #5

Jonusluver, you are being superstitious. Ghosts might indeed exist; I’d have to say simply “I don’t know”.

Answer #6

If ghosts are not real then we must be sharing this world With something else as stephen hawkins says we are living on a bubble of reality

Answer #7

what we call ghost are really just demons.. So no Ghost are not real but Demons are

Answer #8

Maybe ghosts are like ‘shadows’ of past or future people, appearing as a result of some kind of slight overlapping in the space/time continuum.

Answer #9

according to me ghosts exist and they are nothing but energy and why would believing in them be immoral??? is believing that humans exist immoral? are we so self-centric that we cannot believe that anything except ourself can exist?

Answer #10

If ghosts are not real then we must be sharing this world With something else as stephen hawkins says we are living on a bubble of reality

Answer #11

yes!!! i will not say ghosts because it’s sounds like halloween type stuff,so i’m going to say spirits. one day my mom was sitting in a chair and she asked me to take her a picture so i did and when the picture came back there was a figure standing in the background of her…. a DARK FIGURE of a man with a hat on .she got scared but she didn’t want nobody to know about it, so i never told but i swear as the lord is my witness, i seen a demon like figure like it’s face i always see it but when i close my eyez it’s not so vivid though, like his face is black he has greenish reddish eyez and his face is very hot he has sharp long teeth and they’re black like pitch black,now i’m telling you what i’ve seen when i close my eyez and it’s dark. now one night,i swear to GOD,LORD FORGIVE ME FOR SWEARING,BUT ONE NIGHT I WAS LAYING ON THE SOFA,AT THAT TIME WE HAD A SHOT GUN HOUSE BUT THE HOUSE HAD ROOMS ON ONE SIDE WITH DOORS TO THEM FOUR BEDROOMS,A LONG HALLWAY,WE HAD A CURTAIN UP TO THE DOOR OF THE HALLWAY BECAUSE THE HALLWAY HAD NO DOORS SO I WAS LAYING ON THE SOFA I WAS IN THE LIVING ROOM I WAS WATCHING TV,IT WAS NIGHTTIME AND I GLANCED AT THE CURTAIN AND IT WAS PUSHED BACK AND I SWEAR I SAW THAT SAME DEMON FACE I SAW WHEN I CLOSE MY EYES IT HAD AN EVIL SMURK ON IT’S FACE, SO I PULLED THE COVER OVER MY HEAD AND PRAYED TO JESUS AND I LOOK TO SEE IF IT WAS STILL THERE,AND GUESS WHAT IT WAS ACTUALLY STANDING OVER ME……………IF I TELL YOU MORE YOU WILL PROBABLY GET SCARED AND I WOULD PROBABLY SEE IT AGAIN.

Answer #12

“No ghost are not real.But spirits are.You hae to know the difference =]]”

Yes, the difference is that other, silly, people believe in ghosts, but sensible people like ME believe in spirits…

Answer #13

Yes there are ghosts. some people are born wuth special abilities that enebles them to see ghosts and paranor,al beings its called ESP. extra sensory perception.

Answer #14

Just as there are angels there are also demons and evil spirits . If you consider them gohst then yes .

Answer #15

Ghost are real but they are demons in disguise. Read this article -

Answer #16

I think kamex’s suggestion creates more problems than it solves. Temporal paradoxes, for one thing. What if someone was so startled by the appearance of a ghost that they did something that prevented the ghost ever being born?

And don’t you first need a lot better evidence than we have that there are any such things as ghosts? Virtually all poltergeists can be traced to attention-seeking children or teenagers. Virtually all the others also have naturalistic explanations.

Answer #17

im a christian and I believe there are

Answer #18

Some is real, some is fake… Like a supermodel… No, I believe in ghosts, yes. But I have never seen any so my belief is a random guess based on sci fi docudramas and the discovery channel.

Answer #19


Answer #20

Well, the Catholics believe in Purgatory. That isn’t heaven or hell. The movie “Ghost” seems to believe in heaven and hell, yet there was the whole “rectifying” things on Earth bit.

But honestly, you will hear some religions call the idea of a ghost a blaspheme. Technically an Angel or a Demon were never human nor had a soul so therefore they couldn’t be a ghost. A ghost would be a manifestation of a soul that has passed from its earthly flesh. Ghosts and spirits may be real, they may not be. The “moral” implications of a belief one way or the other could are irrelevant considering that belief itself is not a source of morality. Morality is what we do with our beliefs in actions that are done here on Earth. Your belief in ghosts (and by the way some refer to Jesus’ spirit as the “holy ghost”) will not affect your morality or make you better or worse for believing. It may however, conflict with popular beliefs at a church, mosque, or temple which may have its own ramifications for someone trying to different than any other person in the flock (notice I didn’t make any reference to zombies or puppets or any other word other than what the christians decide to think of themselves as…… although I still can’t find the compliment in the socialistic term about a mindless animal that doesn’t even fight for its own life when it is slaughtered.) But by all means I think that you should decide for yourself.

Answer #21

I see them (energy) a ghost is a person that has died an refuses to cross over to the other side, they choose to remain ‘bound’ to the earth plane. This is very rare and constitutes the only real case of a haunting. When an earthbound is found, every effort should be made to help them go back to the other side, a person may be earthbound in several ways, The basic reason is that they do not beleive they are dead. Or sometimes they fear death so much that it is blocked from their reality. Other times it is due to intense trauma and the mind is very confused for a short while. This can occur in sudden death cases and drug related cases.Novus Spiritus gets many calls about hauntings. We offer a service called a ‘house blessing’ for such cases. If an earthbound is present, we attempt to talk with them and return them to the other side. M,ost times such a person is happy to have someone speak to them, and they do not know why everyone ignores them. Usually simple logic is used to convince the person that they have died, awae then tell them to look for the blue- white light of the tunnel home, and that their loved ones are waiting to see them.

Answer #22

Sure they started somewhere, and so did fairy tales. They’re consistent with the idea that “we” are immaterial and only live briefly “in” our bodies, an idea that’s been prevalent for thousands of years all over the world.

But the more we learn about our relationship with our bodies (read the books by Oliver Sacks about people with different kinds of brain damage, and how that affects the way they think about themselves and their bodies), the more it seems that they are inextricably tied together.

Very recently they’ve done some interesting experiments where they got people to wear “virtual reality” headgear and look at their own bodies from outside. An experimenter would touch the real person and their virtual image in the same place with plastic rods so they felt what their image would feel. Very soon the person wearing the headgear was having an “out of body” experience.

Answer #23

If there really are ghosts - that is if the spirits/personalities/identities of the dead continue to exist after death and somehow impinged on the physical world that we know (I nearly said “the real world”) - why do they always hover on the fringe of detectability? Wouldn’t there be some conditions under which we could see them clearly? Or wouldn’t some be visible for long periods of time? (There are natural phenomena that we study that are a bit like that, but they are a lot more consistent. If something is very small or very faint or very distant or very rare, at least when you find it or magnify it or whatever, it STAYS found and magnified.)

Isn’t it much more likely that these phenomena that are always on the brink of perception are just artifacts of our faulty senses? That is, we see or hear some weak or faint natural thing, and (just as we are very ready to see faces in fires or tacos) we are very ready to conjure it into something more comprehensible, the voice or the face of someone we miss.

So far as I know, there is no hard evidence anywhere that has convinced everyone who encountered it (or even a substantial majority) of the existence of ghosts.

Answer #24

The stories started somewhere, didn’t they? Not to say that proves anything, but it’s not like the first time anyone heard of ghosts was two years ago when some teenager made them up.

But just because you’ve never seen one, or we can’t prove they exist, that’s no reason to dismiss the idea of ghosts existing.

What about this: What are thoughts, and can they only exist contained inside a brain? This could even branch off into the topic of ‘psychic abilities’, but what if ghosts were a persons thoughts remaining on Earth after leaving the body and somehow not reaching the final resting place, assuming there is one. This would basically be the definition of a ‘spirit’. Maybe if a person remaining on Earth only as thought is unaware that they are dead, this magical mystical essence they now exist as appears as they did when they were alive, and they go about doing the things they did when they were alive/did right before they died. You know the stories. But of course this ‘essence’ is magical and mystical, so they’re not tangible, nor are they always visible.

I don’t know if ghosts exist or not. But there’s some crap to think about.

Answer #25

Well I had a house that when I would be sound asleep I would hear a party going on, so I got up to see which neighbor it was that was having the party, well I was the only house on the 4 corners that has the lights on, and I could still hear the party…yes I was wide awake and was not drunk and I did not drink or do drugs. I even had a dream I was being choked and I woke up with my hands around my neck…I had a minister come into my house and he stayed in my kitchen and prayed he refused to go into my living room where the voices were coming from…he said some prayer and said the rest was up to me… #2 Well My father had passed (about a year) he slept sometimes in a twin bed against the wall in a small room toward the kitchen. well anyway I came into town one day and my mom said not to say a word just go to the kitchen and act as if I was getting some food from the ice box and not say a word…I could hear a lot of whispering going on…there were no truck, planes, no one there but my mother and my self..then in the middle of the night I heard loud and clear a woman’s voice coming out of the wall…I said okay now I am going to bed, so I went to the twin bed I spoke of earlier and as I curled up on the very end of the bed, I felt the bed mattress being pushed down as if someone or something had gotten on the bed with me and was trying to lay down beside me…it was just my mom and myself there. I sat in the chair the rest of the night…My uncle who is a minister said he only believes in the holy ghost not ghost he should have stayed in the house one night and that would have taken care of that!!!

then when my daughter, myself and my boyfriend stayed in a trailer in chandler,AZ my daughter kept saying she heard voices so we changed rooms, we didn’t hear the voices but we sure did hear the sound of heavy boots go from the living room to the back door open the door and close the door…we were too afraid to look to see who it was…there was no way in as there were 3 dead bolts on the front and back doors…

one night when my daughter and I stayed at my mom’s house she slept in one twin bed and I in another I heard the sound of sleight bells, I sat up and look up to see if it was theTV set but it was not as everything was quiet…I looked at my daughter and on the edge of her bed stood the figure of a man with something in his hand like a rosary or something he smiled and me and I left her there I went straight to my mom and told her she said I was dreaming, I went back to the room and he was gone…all of these stores are true experiences…

Answer #26

i know you asked about it in the christian perspective but i am only aware about ghosts in the islamic perspective..

in the Quran Allah (swt) (Name of the God that muslims believe in) mentions that man was created from clay and djinns were created from smokeless fire, both were created to worship no other exept Allah (swt). Djinn are not visible to man in their natural form but we are visible to them.. Djinn like human have free will whethr they choose to be muslim or non-mulim, Djinn can appear in forms of animals such as dogs and snakes etc in addition when you see a ghost you actually see a djinn in the form of another craeture/being etc (this is the only time they are viible to us) this is what i have read from a website about ghots;

if you wnat i can give you the address.

Answer #27

I am a christian and I believe in ghost. I see them all the time. My dad died almost 4 years ago and ever since, I see him and my grandparents and other people that I have never even seen before. I believe strongly in them. But other people have different beliefs.

Answer #28

No ghost are not real.But spirits are.You hae to know the difference =]]

Answer #29

ghosts are real. i believe there iz otherz amongst us … but little do we no who they r

Answer #30

“Ghosts are real but they are demons in disguise.” But demons are not real.

Answer #31

ghosts and spirits are different, there is a spirit in everything living (in animals im not sure about tree’s though) in humans, whn they sleep their spirit floats above them and when you die or get a near death experience, you will be your spirit and your body will be lifeless, thats why in most cases when people have a near death experince they see themselfes outside there own body. but when your sleeping its different, I wonder why…

(in islam we belive there are ghosts living on earth, we cant see them but they can see us, they are made of fire, unlike humans which are made of sand of some sort). that is why some people feel possesed, example I used to live in a previouse house then the one I am living in, the previous house, me and my family had nightmares, due to evil spirits, but in this house that I am currently living in, I dont have nightmares

Answer #32

If ghosts were real, how could it be immoral to believe they exist? How can it be “immoral” to believe anything exists, if you are convinced that they do?

The existence of ghosts (with the identities of people now dead) presents some problems from a naturalistic worldview. If they can see, they must block the light they see with. So we should see little ghosts’ retinas moving about the place. If they are not material, how can they wear clothes, or are the clothes part of their ghostliness? If they move, they have to react against their surroundings, but if they can go through walls, they can’t. Once you are removed from your body, can you still be you?

Answer #33

Not always. Then again there are 9 level of hell, I’ve heard a few times that limbo is hell on earth where people go to repeat their deaths over & over again for the rest of eternity it could be in anther realm that we can’t se, but sometimes are given evidence of

though me I belive ghoust are spirits that can’t move on there was ths slave child that died in a racing river trying to evade hunters & tryingto find hos family who abandoned him he haunts the hotel, but not in a mean way, just trying to have a little fun. He rattles doors & jumps on beds , but he’ll stop if you tell him to. Tell me, why would an innocent child be sent to limbo?

Answer #34

I know this is probably not what you want but I’m pagan and I believe in ghosts. I know you are Christian and all, but I don’t think it’s immoral to believe in ghosts. As people have stated there are references in the bible to ghosts. I’ve never truly read the bible but I’m doing some research like you were. My topic is a little different but it’s close. My topic is ‘Are ghosts and poltergists real?’. I have always said they were and always will. So, no, I don’t think it’s immoral to believe that.

Answer #35

Jonasluver: A ghost-believer might equally say -

“there are really no such things as demons its just the Chief Ghost and his ghosts trying to trick your mind DONT BELIEVE HIM!! HES THE FATHER OF ALL LIES”

The evidence for them all is the same - vanishingly weak.

Seriously, what do you say to someone who believes in ghosts OR demons in the 21st Century? Shake them and say “Don’t be so silly!” perhaps.

Answer #36

I find it really interesting that people are saying that all ghosts are demons in disguise. Last I looked the Christian religions did believe in ghosts and saw some of them as good. The easiest one to site is the holy trinity: The father, the son, and THE HOLY GHOST.

Hope this helps, S&S

Answer #37

my view is youre all really deluded and I pity your existence. the belief of ghosts immoral? the stupidity makes me shudder

Answer #38

I think some sort of memory diplacment takes place when a person has an expierance, memory in another dimension. some people have an extra sensory where they are able to see people who had died, or ghost tend to do the same things they did in life before they died. But other outside forces such as magnetic feild, have to come into play. Evil ghost, are people who were angry, or evil in life, and continued to be so during death. Many people think that ghost are proof of an afterlife, but I just think it’s another mystery of the world that has yet to be solved. Or people could just be exaggerating truth, or lying.

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