Is the Apocolypse in 2012?

tell me all you know about the apocolypse happening in 2012, because I’ve heard over and over again, the world’s ending in 2012…not that its a bad thing…

Answer #1

Me, I believe the Bible’s account of the last days in the book of Revelation - so, as I look at what’s going on the evening news - doom and gloom, wars and rumors of wars, no one knows but it appears the Rapture may be soon - then after that the anti-christ coming to power for 7 years - so, even if today, that would put it at least 2014 - just my belief/opinion…Hope this helps !!

Answer #2

The Mayan calendar ends in December of 2012, and many take that to be the end of the world. However, there is an Egyptian tomb which has a calendar with vague references to events & occurrences that goes right through to the year 3000-something before it ends. And there have been cultures which we have found calendars of that end many years ago.

Just because a culture’s calendar ends at a certain year or date, doesn’t mean that that culture thought it was the end of the world. Remember, people thought the end of the world was coming many times before… the year 2000 is a classic example.

So, mostly… its just scaremongering. Once 2012 comes, and goes, people will latch onto the next “doomsday” date.

Answer #3

Man does not know the time or date of the returning of the Messiah. I’m not going to guess when its going to come cause chances are, our guesses are wrong. In fact, he’ll probably come when everyone least expects it.

Answer #4

its says in the bible that no man knows what time or hour only God himself

Answer #5


I don’t believe it when I hear those sorts of things. it was ment to end in 2000, but didn’t. others have said certain years since then and it never does.

Answer #6

people are funny haha, where did it say the planet was going to end during Y2K??? I never heard anything about the “end of the world” you guys are weird I heard about the end of all technologies because they used a 2 digit date and all it would redo was reset all electronics to 00 again whoopie!! haha… honestly though 2012 seems more like the real deal but not he end of human existence just the passing from one stage of man into the next… Think about it we never knew how to use our brains until we entered a new stage of man, this is supposed to be the next step into the spiritual side of life were we learn to use it like our brains 4000 years ago… Stop reading every other word people its not the end but the beginning… embrace it and be ready for what ever comes, because there is supposed to be a lot of casualties of the humans incappable of this (unevolved) aswell…

Answer #7

there are a lot of rumors about a comet the size of Texas hitting the earth in 2012, so I don’t know maybe the world will end in 2012.

I guess will have to wait and see.

Answer #8

All I know is that when I looked it up on wiki answers, it said the world will end on december 21st 2012. I really hope this is not true. If it is true, how do you think it will happen? Will it be all sorts of weather going crazy and killing everyone? Or worse, if that’s possible? My mind is going crazy with all the bad things that could happen. Well, just as long as it’s not a zombie attack, because I can’t cope with something that has come from a computer game! Not to worry, I’m just losing my mind. Purple pineapples petrify piranhas…I just don’t know what else to write. Okay, well, bye.

Answer #9

Finally, there’s no such thing as a ‘dormant black hole’, and you can’t turn one on and off, let alone with an insignificant alignment in a backwater solar system.

To quote a paragraph from a NASA article on their website:

“Nearly every massive galaxy seems to have a supermassive black hole, but only a few percent appear to be active. Our galaxy’s central black hole is dormant, and this and similar black holes are not included in the Swift census. All black holes were likely once active, and why some remain active and others are dormant in the modern, local universe is a mystery. “

However I agree that no alignment is going to have any effect whatsoever on a central black hole.

Answer #10

Ok…here’s my 2 cents:

  1. The bible has been translated and gutted so many times, who’s to say what was originally in it? In the middle ages, a group of scholars go together (Council of Nicea) and decided what would be “cannon” and what would be “heresy.” Let’s keep in mind that the middle ages was not exactly a font of creativity and learning. Anyone hear what happened to Galileo? And that was centuries after the Council of Nicea!

  2. The Mayan calendar is not as exact as our scientific calendar, but is more accurate than the standard calendar that people all over the western world use daily. This is irrelevant. The question should be: “What did a semi-barbaric group of farmers need with a calendar that could tell you what day easter sunday would fall on in 5 million BCE?” The Mayan calendar IS that accurate. Why?

  3. Recent evidience has suggested that the Sphinx and the enclosure the Sphinx resides in has sustained heavy weathering by water erosion. This could not have happened in the historical era, because the last time that much rain fell on the Giza plateau was around 11,00BCE.

  4. Anthropologists agree that people EXACTLY LIKE YOU AND
    I were roaming around on this planet about 50,000 years ago.

My hypothesis is: At one time, in out far past, there was some sort of civilization here and was probably destroyed by the meltdown of the last ice age. Because, like us, they probably had most of their major cities along coastlines, when the water started to rise they were screwed, and there is nothing left to look at. I know that seems terribly convenient, but if you look at the evidence that DOES remain, you have to at least consider the possibility. BTW…I AM NOT talking about aliens. They would be constrained to the same physics laws as everyone else who evolved in this universe, and while they may exist (in fact, mathmatically, it’s a certainty) the little green men would have as much trouble getting to us as we are having now getting to them. In any case, I see no reason to give aliens credit for things humans are perfectly capable of.

Where does this tie in to apocolypse? If I’m right then a cataclysm massacred most of our ancestors. Anthropologists believe that at the end of the last ice age there may have been as few as 10000 people left, ON THE WHOLE PLANET! In such a case, apocolypse is part of our shared heritage and this would explain humans’ endless facination with it.

Answer #11

The mayan cutlure beleives in on December 21,2012 the world will end. But around June or July their calender starts. And December 21 is the Winter Soliste (or however you spell it) or the first day of winter.Whknows the world could end tommarow.

Answer #12

When the sun’s twin binary star (dubbed ‘Nemesis’) orbits back around and it’s gravitational pull flings the asteroids between Mars and Jupiter throughout the galaxy, there’s a chance one or more could slam into Earth. As we know, this would not be good. But it’s only a matter of time.

Answer #13

voices: The gravity ‘alignment’ nonsense has been debunked repeatedly - even earlier in this same thread! See the article I linked to:

You do realise that a large part of NASA’s job is to model and predict these events, right? That they know exactly where all these objects are going to a high degree of certainty? The risk comes from unidentified objects, or objects already identified to be on a collision course, not mysterious unforseen forces on known ones.

‘Solar radiation’ is otherwise known as ‘sunlight’ - I presume you’re actually talking about solar wind. While it’s true 2012 falls near the high point of a solar (sunspot) cycle, we’ve been through many, many of these before, and look, no apocalypse!

And you couldn’t find anything on NASA about ‘Planet X’ because it’s crackpot nonsense. There’s absolutely no evidence for its existence. You may as well worry about civilisation ending when all those orbital teapots that we can’t detect suddenly deorbit above major cities.

Answer #14

This guy has an interesting twist of the significance of 2012 and the Mayan calendar.

Answer #15

Elone: No they weren’t. They were sophisticated for their time, but nowhere as sophisticated as we are now. See for detailed info and references.

The gravitational pull of planets on each other is totally insignificant when it comes to any concern on earth: They don’t even affect tides noticeably, and there is absolutely no reason they’d affect Earth’s magnetic pole. Here’s an excellent page debunking planetary alignment myths:

Finally, there’s no such thing as a “dormant black hole”, and you can’t turn one on and off, let alone with an insignificant alignment in a backwater solar system.

kamex: There’s absolutely no evidence of any twin star to the sun. If it was anything bright, we’d see it, anyway, and even if it was burned out or a black-hole, we’d notice its effects on the rest of the solar system.

Answer #16

The 2012 Doomsday prophesy is from the Mayans. They were way more advanced in mathmetics and cesestial prediction than we are today. One of their calendars was deciphered and interpreted to say the last katun would end on 12/21/12. Supposedly astrophysicists have predicted an alignment of some major celestial bodies during this time and the concern is that it is unknown what the effect will be. The gravitational pull of celestial bodies in space have a major affect on other bodies near them, and it is not evident if there will be an accumulative effect from the alignment. One train of thought is that the magnetic poles of the earth will shift, either partially, I. e. 90 degrees or a 180 degree shift, where the north and south poles reverse. Either way the minimum effect will be major problems for computers and similar electronics. Another thought is that it will turn on the black hole in the center of our galaxy; it is now dorment.. The concern is that the end of one Katun always signifies a major negative effect. Does this mean an Apocalyptic doomsday? Or does it signify the beginning of a new era. Only time will tell if anything will actually happen.

Answer #17

The 2012 fanatics are out in force. I didn’t buy it, until I started checking out Nasa’s Website. The number of near earth objects is scary. It’s funny to me how NASA keeps talking about Asteroid 99942 in 2029 and the way Earth’s gravity will tug on it possibly sending it into the Earth in 2036.

Yet they don’t mention it’s flyby in 2012 except to say that they’ll get a better look at it and can do better predictions at that time.

Check all this out on NASA.GOV. Search for 2012 on Nasa’s site.

Jupiter will Opposition Venus will Transition the Sun Eros will flyby Cirris will flyby (may be misspelled) Two Solor Eclipses The Sun will change its polarity Sunspots will be the worst ever

And Apophus 99942 will do its flyby

What affect will all this have on Asteroid 99942?

Nasa mentions the way 99942 will be affected by the heat from the sun in 2029, but they don’t talk about the 2012 effect on it.

The sheer number of celestial bodies passing this close to Earth will cause gravitational pulls that will affect weather and tides. The onslaught of solar radiation will affect sattelites and computers worldwide. Will the power companies computer stay running? The Police and Fire computers?

The implications of this are numerous. It doesn’t seem like you could prepare for such a global climate disruption of this scale. I hate to be the bearer of such bad news.

I could not find anything on NAsa about Planet X. This is supposedly a Brown Dwarf Star (why you can’t see it as clearly) and it is supposedly on an eliptical orbit with the Earth and does a flyby every so often destroying life on Earth. Nothing to substantiate this claim. Might just be a guy trying to sell a book, title Planet X. His publishing company did a video to scare people and sell the book. Nasa has put up infrared sattelites (better to see it with) and has been scanning our galaxy, but nothing listed yet.

Answer #18

Hmm… there’s an impending apocalypse? I never heard anything about that…

Checks diary

Odd, it’s not in there. Captainassassin, what say you?

Answer #19

Nobody knows…

And for the Christians, the bible SAYS that you won’t know until it happens. So overall, its pointless to look at current events, as if they’re supposed to correlate with some deluded biblical prophecy.

continues working on PFB Cannon

Answer #20

well it says on the mayan calander that they predict that the world will on end in 1221012 for us that is dec. 12,12 and since they’er calander is much more accurate then ours is a lot of people over the years have taken this seriously

Answer #21

dont believe it they are just trying 2 care you they have been sayin the world was suppose 2 end 4 thousands of years now even before the time of christ when 1 was in 7th grade I read in an article that the world was suppose 2 b ending on sept 11 06 I was so terrified and scared 4months but in may of that year but my friend assured me that they were always putting out those bogus warnings they said the world wsa suppose 2 end on jan 1 2000 im telling you this so you dont have 2 live your lyf in fear like I did, instead of concentrating on whats gooing 2 happen in the future you should concentrate on whats happening now you should enjoy your life everbody will have 2 face God someday the main thing is were all going 2 die someday regardless anything that lives will eventually die.

Answer #22

omg people just because therer is an eclipse, doesnt mean were all going to die really its called ELECTRICITY all an eclipse is when the moon moves over the sun and it goes black we all LIVE in darkness untill you turn your LIGHT on!!! really people

Answer #23

never mind about that answer I thought you were talking about and eclispe im realllyyy sssooorrryruyyy I hope there is not and epocolype!!!1

Answer #24

The above post is a good example of scaremongering. The Mayans were quite clever with celestial mechanics and mathematics, but could not possibly be more advanced at either of those two things than we are today. And the supposed 2012 “apocalypse” is a misconception - according to the Maya there will be a baktun ending in 2012, a significant event being the end of the 13th 400 year period, but not the end of the world.

As for the black hole thing - how can an event isolated in a solar system millions of light years away from the centre of the galaxy turn on a black hole?

Answer #25

Nostradamus did not predict the Sept 11 2001 attacks:

Even if any of those were real predictions by nostradamus, his predictions are sufficiently vague, and the translations sufficiently flexible that predictions are only ever matched up with events afterwards - they have absolutely no predictive power, just the desire of people to try and make them match.

Answer #26

actually my mom was watching on the history channel about notradomus if I spelled it right… But he predicted all whole bunch of things that happened at the right time… like the 9/11 plane crash he predicted happened… And he predicted at the year 2012 the planets were going to line up and make the sybol of a cross and the world will go by fire… I HOPE NOT … Not planning on dieing at age of 20…

Answer #27

No one knows when the end is…

Answer #28

About the eclipse… You may be able to run your lights on but you know you need sun tobe warm and everything is going to freeze!!! Unless you have plans with the electric blanket! BUt what about food… and water unless your drink ice cubes… how you going to have sex? In dark maybe but hope your boyfriend wasnt outside because he will be really hard down there lol!!! HOPE THAT HELPED!

Answer #29

Sorry, yes, this is more a matter of terminology:

A ‘dormant’ black hole is one with little matter falling into it - not a property of the black hole itself, but one of its surroundings.

Answer #30

It also says in the bible that a bat is a type of bird.

Answer #31

The Mayan calander ends 2012 it doesn’t neccisarily mean the world will end there is only 4 temples left of the Mayans,so who isn’t to say it was going to continue somewhere else that was destroyed? But according to Mayan legend demons & such were released this god played a game with the sun against these demons(liket eh one on Elderodo, sept once you hit it through the hoop the game’s over) the hoop was the middle of the universe or something like that, well, the God won lets just say. They started something of a purple sun & all the plannets alighning Supsodly, from what I’ve heard, all the plants will aline in 2012(though I don’t know hw, I though 3 plantes already alined & it was a 1ce or 2ce in a life time experciance, so it happening that soon, don’t know how I feel about believing in that 1 yet). The apopca lips I’ve watched a doc. there will be 7 years of hell on earth basically the children of God wont be here to experience it supposedly, God sweeps them up(they just die probably) the Anti christe helps the earth then thinks himself better than god so demands to be worshiped as a god near then end Christe comes back & smites him down durring the last 7 years it’s suppose to be the worst thw world has ever gone through I doubt it’s any time soon though The 3 horsemen(something, dieses, then death) strike. The 1st one( I think clocked in black) 1st, then the red horsemen dieses, then the white horsemen death. I heard something bout the beast showing too, though some believe the beast is the anti christe, their the samething, blah blah blah. But then again, some times the beast is referred to as the devil, so maybe the devil will show himself on earth. God & Jesus does, why not the devil? God said he wouldn’t destroy the world using water, all that’s been going on is flooding, so if it is the last 7 years already wouldn’t that make God a liar?, or is the bible just wrong. Then there’s radnorok, the norse ending to the world The serpent of the world(coild 2ce around the entire world) is released or awaken(which ever) the Fenris exscapes, & a few other titants battle the gods & the gods fall. They mention something about a black sun(again, people think it could be an eclips), all is chaos, & only 2 people servive, a man & a woman( the begining of Adam & Eve?*if you know wht I mean) Look up end of the world stories, you might find some interesting.

Answer #32

Memo: Attention all humans. Due to inclement weather the Apocalypse has been cancelled. A full refund will be issued to all ticket holders.

Answer #33

“We will be in alignment with the center of the galaxy”

Er, what exactly does that mean? If you’re orbiting something, you’re always ‘in alignment’ with it - just like we’re “in alignment” with our sun.

Answer #34

I hope not I dont want to die

Answer #35

The Mayan calendar only says that something will happen in the year 2012. As to whether or not it is the Apocolypse is anybody’s guess. It only ends a 400 year period for the Mayans. As to the Black Hole thing, every galaxy has a black hole in its center( I checked this on the NASA website not knowing I would be answering this question tonight). We will be in alignment with the center of the galaxy, but that’s all that will happen.

Answer #36

I think it would be better off ending. cause we messed up the Earth so bad it would be better off

Answer #37


Yep… the cycle of stupidity will continue…

Until lexi gets fed up and presses that shiny red button.

Answer #38

rnealw: Sometimes it’s necessary when people won’t listen. But meh… I think this paranoia is hilarious.

Sits back with popcorn

Answer #39

my teacher told me that it can happen only in the month of may and it can happen any year up untill 2018.

Answer #40

my teacher told me that it can happen only in the month of may and it can happen any year up untill 2018.

Answer #41

There were wars & rumors of wars back in the 30’s, 40’s…no one human being can answer that question

Answer #42

The world will end when GOD feels like ending it.

Answer #43

from what I have head it isent the end of man-kind but we will have a differnt point of view of the world in otuherwods a dramatic change for us

Answer #44

Thanks for scaring me. Lol, Im kidding, but I haven’t heard anything about it.

Answer #45

It will? Perhaps if I printed it and used it as a torch?

Answer #46

This will shed some more light on the subject also:

Answer #47

yes world is over 2012. Prepare to go to hell

Answer #48

The world isn’t ending in 2012… Why would anyone think that?

Answer #49
Answer #50

I hope not I dont want to die

Answer #51

rachelchunter: Did you read any of the rest of this thread? Any at all?

Answer #52

Apocalypse will ultimately be defeated by Cable. That it is one of the central tenets of the Marvel Universe.

Answer #53

Simple rule: Always rubbish anyone talking about an apocalypse. If you’re right, they look stupid. If they’re right (hah!), well, they’re not exactly going to be around to call you on it, are they?

Answer #54

Apocalypse’s actual name is En Sabah Nur.

Answer #55

The question should be not about when the end will come, but, will you be ready when it does?

Answer #56

Wow. . . You really like repeating yourself. . .

Answer #57

Then your teacher is a crackpot - unless she presented some compelling but heretofore unknown evidence?

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