Anybody have weird fears or phobias?

Anybody have weird fears or Phobias? I’m not talking about typical fears like of Spiders, or somebody breaking into your house or something like that. No, I’m talking about extreme phobias; like peanut butter sticking to your mouth, or Ketchup, or stuff like that. Myself? I am Radiophobic, meaning I am afraid of X-Rays. Does anyone think that’s a little strange? Like I’m afraid to see them, I’ll cover my eyes, and I don’t know what would trigger a fear like this. Anyone have Radiophobia or strange fears?

Answer #1

Insects [Entomophobia] and spiders. All of them. Even Ladybugs and Butterflies. Although they don’t scare me as bad as the other ones, they freak me out still.

Also: Irrational fear of TOO MUCH COLOR! Like all those websites that have rainbow on them, I just FREAK OUT! I don’t even like color! [meh, I was raised on B&W movies, go figure!] Now some colors I can stand, but other times I can’t! As a matter-of-fact, my fave color is gray… It’s not even a color.

I’m also Homophobic [not in the way you may think]. I HATE-HATE-HATE-HATE certain things being in order or the same! It makes me crazy! Sometimes with other stuff, I don’t mind it, but the mojority of the time I hate stuff being the same.

I hate being in large-open spaces. I like my little-enclosed space. All nice and cozy-like. Agoraphobia- “Fear of open spaces or of being in crowded, public places like markets. Fear of leaving a safe place.” Well, I can stand markets, I don’t like them, but I can stand them. Sometimes I can stand public crowed places too, but only if I’m Hell-bent on getting what I came for. Then when I get it I start begging to GO HOOOME! The only time I like to leave my safe place is for sleep, food, and the bathroom. Even then I wrap myself in a jacket or blanket and smother myself with it until I can’t brethe then I come out for air…Then I go back in.

I used to have Arrhenphobia wich is “fear of men” but I’ve managed to get… used? to that now.

Not that I have this phobia, but I thought this was always Ironic: Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia - ‘Fear of long words.’ GUAAA!! That’s a big word!! I can’t even read all of it I got to the ‘q’ and forgot what I was saying! A very rational phobia if you ask me…

Mageirocophobia - ‘Fear of cooking’ OK, that’s emberrasing. But I am seriously afraid to even think about cooking. Baking pre-made stuff is different. Like pre-made brownies or cookies. But COOKING I am scared sh*tless of.

Scoptophobia - ‘Fear of being seen or stared at.’ I never really knew this was an actual phobia. I hate it when people stare at me… I know because it just happened last night. My whole family stared at me for no reason just to make me freak out. Being seen I can live with, but being stared at for a while I hate.

Wow… I’m more messed-up than I thought! Coool…

Answer #2

I have an unexplained fear of elevators. I am so afraid it is going to get stuck, and I’ll panic because it’s such a small space. I still get on them, and I probably don’t look like I’m scared when I am on one, but I am. :)

Answer #3

I’m afraid of lots of things but what really gets to me are: -when people are doing surgery on a person. Like, cutting their stomach open and digging around. Even if it’s on TV I squirm and close my eyes. -Martians. I think it’s because I watched ‘Mars Attacks’ when I was only 4 years old and even though it’s a comedy I was scared to death and still am. Every time I have my eyes closed in the shower, if I’m washing my hair, I think that when I open them I’ll see a creepy martian in front of me. -Religious paintings. I know it may be offending, but I can’t stand it when there are paintings of Jesus and other biblical figures and scenes on the walls. My grandma has it all over the place and I get really scared and start thinking of cemeteries and church and mostly death for some reason. It’s not really fright, but more like eerieness and total discomfort. -3:00 am. It’s mostly from watching the Exorcism of Emily Rose. She gets possessed at exactly 3 am every day and 3 am is apparently the time Jesus was killed. So when I wke up in the night and I look at my alarm clock and it’s like 2:58 I close my eyes and panic and sometimes just lay there avoiding the clock for half an hour to make sure I won’t see 3:00. Don’t watch horror movies! I’ve watched three hundred too many. They really screw up your mind. The definete must-nots if you don’t want to have a raging phobia haunting the rest of your life:

  • Carrie
  • The Exorcist
  • Saw
  • Silence of the Lambs
  • The Orphanage
  • The Exorcism of Emily Rose
Answer #4

I’m extremely afraid of dolls, and I hate going to my best friends house because of all the dolls her little sister has, and I have so many glass dolls that I give them to my mom and they end up being right there in the house where ever I go. I feel trapped everywhere I go.

I’m also afraid of being shut in closed places, and even in the lunch line at school I have to walk on the outside and my bestfriend keeps me safe, he’s really nice about my fears and tries helping me through them too.

oh and my greatest fear; no lie, is small/tiny black and white tvs and there is one in our house that takes batteries for if the power goes out and my mom has to hide it from me because if I see it than I start shaking like crazy. she’s decided it’s best that we get rid of it, but she can’t because of power outages.

Answer #5

um. moths, if that counts.

and I’m still afraid of the dark :
I have a night light. haha.

I’ve got wayy bigger fears, but those are too personal to be posting online ;)

Answer #6

Everytime I see 11:11 on the clock I freak out I dont know why, I guess it was when one night I woke up at 11:11, then the next night I woke up at the exact same time. I thought it was like deja vu or something… weird

Answer #7

I am extremely afraid of scissors- anyone holding them- anywhere even if the yare on the table/desk beside me I always am watching them and freaking out.. I usually stay very far from them and I dont know why. xD

Answer #8

I am afraid of falling and hitting my head. everytime I walk I picture myself falling. and fallinf down steps. but I am not afraid of heights. I am also deathly afraid of clowns and spiders. I am also afraid of breaking a bone.

Answer #9

Yep, I have fear of spiders. I have no idea why, once I see one, no matter the size, I will scream my head off. They really freak me out. Even the smallest ones… Ugh, really sad. =[

Answer #10

I am deathly afraid of mirrors and bathrooms I won’t go near one unless there are lights music and my mom near by my cousin is also afraid of pureal despensers one time we were at a resturant and I wanted some pureal because they had a despenser on the wall and he started to shout NO NO DON”T

Answer #11

I’m scared of cannibals… Imagine someone kidnapping you and wanting to eat you (There have been cases). Or being kidnapped and drugged and waking up with just one kidney.

Answer #12

this might sound weird but I have a phobia of licking rough surfaces! : P I dont know what its called but its gotta name!!! ps I play sax so I hate setting up when I have to lick the reed!!!

Answer #13

im afraid of a lot of things such as. clowns, snakes, heights, ferris wheels I just dont like them, and of having my feet uncovered when I sleep… lol im wierd oh and im clausterphobic I think I spelled it right

Answer #14

im scared of Birds think they are going to peck me to death (seen the movies birds and never liked them since). also the dark and thunder and lighting everone laughs at me cause im 18 and still scared of the dark and everything else I sleep with a nightlight. but my 3 and 1 year old sons dont just a lil oppsite

Answer #15

im completely afraid of somebody throwing up, even when somebody just mentions they feel a little sick to their stomach, I get super shaky and go into a cold sweat and have to get away from them as fast as I can. I dont really have a fear of throwing up for myself, it’s just watching or hearing it. gahhh.

Answer #16

I know you said not like regular fears but I am dead afraid of spiders. if I see one, even from across the room, I freeze and later run out of the room. I can’t even look at pictures of spiders because they are too scary. And and night I dream about huge spiders eating me up. Not even kidding…

Answer #17

I also have a fear of my cousins ( who are all older then me) not likeing me because im younger then them they are 22 21 21 and 14 ( he is a grade older then me) im also afraid of elevators im afraid it will be the tower of terror all over again

Answer #18

deathly afraid of my toenails being pulled off somehow. it would be sooo bad, and every time I bump my toe I completely freak out and hold the nail down for several minutes to make sure it won’t come off. (fingernails, too, but less scary)

Answer #19

my cousin who is a grade ahead of me (he is in eighth grade) was deathly afraid of the fire works at disney and it may sound normal but it isn’t he wasn’t afraid of the sights or sounds he was afraid of being locked in the park lol he is SOOO retarded (then agian I am paranoid)

Answer #20

I have a fear of high pitched sounds and I freak out when I hear them it’s more like a anxiety thing but I had to take medication for while because I kept flipping out and going into panic attack mode.

Answer #21

Escalators!! NO-ONE knows how fast my heart beats when we’re on one… cold sweat, apprehension… I don’t like the way those big metal steps close and open. AAARGHHH. . .

Answer #22

Hmmm… Well I’m afraid of cockroaches, thats not weird but I had a traumatic experience when I was 5. One crawled up my skirt in the middle of a presentation in kindergarten, it was an unforgettable moment…ugh they’re disgusting

Answer #23

I agree with the deep water thing. I also dont like parades, when I was little I was terrified of the parades at Disneyland. I was scared of getting dragged into the parades when the people dancing around in costumes would come over and try to get little kids to dance with them.

Answer #24

its pretty weird but im DEAD afraid of being in the dark or sleeping without having my feet covered…socks or shoes, even slippers are fine, but if there isn’t something on them, I scream and freak out like my friend freaks out around spiders… ><…

Answer #25

im deathly afraid of centipedes. im scared that one the size of a worm will crawl down my throat when I am sleeping.

Answer #26

I am a dentistphobic. I am also afraid of heights. I sometimes fear answering the phone not knowing who is calling and no I don’t have caller id.

Answer #27

I get freaked out when im on an elevator or when my fan is on im always scared its going to fall down on me. ): ugh, now im feeling all freaked out.

Answer #28

I get really scared when I’m not under my blanket when I go to sleep Lmao I love scary movies,but later I freak out and hide under my blankets with my head covered. XD

Answer #29

I am paranoid and soo fraid of the evil and ghosts..I take showers with the curtain open and peek out every to seconds..hah.. but I loove scary movies and I’ve watched pretty much everry single one out there and thats probably why, but I have to sleep with my feet covered and everything im scared something will grab them

Answer #30

im afraid of a lot of things such as. clowns, snakes, heights, ferris wheels I just dont like them, and of having my feet uncovered when I sleep… lol im wierd

Answer #31

im photophobic my eyes hurt so bad when im out in the light. its like a migrain without the pounding head 24/7

Answer #32

Looking at all these fears, I actually started to laugh lol. I am afraid to get my own food and drinks, because I’m afraid I will drop it, I’m afraid to open picture messages late at night, and pretty much all that stupid hauntings and ghosts or demons or w/e crap.

Answer #33

I would stop watching those movies paigeeq .hehehe

Answer #34

Right now my worst phobia (apart from arachnophobia) is the fear of the future. It sounds crazy, I know. But I’m often asked what my goals are for the future and I can honestly say that I don’t really have any. I also know that the future also brings death, which is one of the things about the future that freaks me out. But I’m also afraid of getting older and watching people get older. For me, years seem to fly like seconds. I’m absolutely terrified because of that.

Answer #35

chavs scare me

Answer #36

ok I have a phobia of balloons and party poppers. when I was at a party as a teen I turned around and some idiot popped on into my freakn eye. it hurt so much and ever since then if im at a paarty where there are baloons and poppers I just cringe. I have two kids so when its party time I have to get hubby to blow them all up lol. I also really hate christmas bon bons. im a wierdo

Answer #37

I have a deep and haunting fear of stupid people. and situations where I can’t get out of a situation with stupid people. and I’m not talking about the people who don’t know about star wars like the lame nerds. I’m talking about the people who don’t know the differnce between “they’re (they are), their (posessive), and there (a place). and you’re(you are), and your (posessive).

Answer #38

I’m afraid of these things especially: -my toenails coming off or ripping off. I’m really scared of that. -that someone’s hiding in my closet or shower. I have to keep the light on in my bedroom all night. -bugs. I’m extremely afraid of spiders, moths, centipedes, worms, catepillars, and flies -when people stare at me. It REALLY bothers me. When they’re talking about me AND staring it makes everything worse. -dolls. My aunt gave me this doll (before she passed away) when I was five, and its eyes literally followed me everywhere so my dad gave it to someone. I felt so bad.

Answer #39

I’m hopelessly afraid of chickens. I think I might’ve had some sort of bad expearience with them when I was little. I’m claustrophobic, and I also hate being tied up or trapped somewhere I can’t get out of. And I am terrified of elevators. The elevator thing could just be more claustrophobia, but I also think that the elevator could get stuck, or the cables could snap and then I’d DIE!!!

Answer #40

im scared of being scared im scared of throwing up im also scared of needles too im a wimp lol

Answer #41

“I have a deep and haunting fear of stupid people. and situations where I can’t get out of a situation with stupid people. and I’m not talking about the people who don’t know about star wars like the lame nerds. I’m talking about the people who don’t know the differnce between ‘they’re (they are), their (posessive), and there (a place). and you’re(you are), and your (posessive).”

I guess I should point out to you that it’s Edgar Allan Poe, not Edgar Allen Poe, as you wrote it in the dark literature thread.

Answer #42

I hate blud, needles, stuff going thru skin and icky stuf like that I had a panic attack when I broke my toenail:P but hu isnt squeamish nowadays im also afraid of my brothers feet he used to have verrucas all over them and even now theyre gone I’ll scream if he touches me with them or if he walks about with no shoes on.x.. creeps me out for some reason I also canot stand being in a room with the doors open no idea why lol:P its really weird it just makes me uncomfortable until they are all shut and I get angry if its not completly closed so I taught my dog to shut the doors:P lolage

Answer #43

I’m scared of karaoke. my mom sings it all the time and it just freaks me out. I dont watch American idol or sing.

Answer #44

polyester fabric… well more spcificly of the fabric catching on my feet and hands this is also true about polar fleece

Answer #45

After seeing doctor who Im scared of gargoyles and statues. The Blink episode.

Answer #46

I got one…stupid questions.

Answer #47

CLOWNS!!! I HATE them SO much. they just scare the heck out of me, even the cartoon, “nice” ones.

Answer #48

I have a phobia of Moths. Don’t ask me why but I cannot stand them one bit. They are freaky! Gimme spiders any day!

Answer #49

im claustephobic (I think I spelled it right ) I hate small spaces and if im in somewhere crouded I freak out I dont know why though

Answer #50

Um… I’m scared of needles, but thats normal I guess. I also get faint at the sight of blood… ew.

Answer #51

everything that can kill me

Answer #52

Ants !!! I hate them I have nightmares about them and think they are going to ruin my life !!

Answer #53

I have fear of having my back and neck uncovered when I sleep.. too many vampire moster movies when I was little I think

Answer #54

I am afraid of my eyeballs falling out

Answer #55

no but I do have ataraxia which basicly means I never worry about anything

Answer #56

its probably not too weird, but deep water. it creeps the hell outta me!

Answer #57

im paranoid im afraid of elevators sissors bloody mary and text message I got etc.

Answer #58

I’m really afraid of docters everytime I see one I get super nervouse

Answer #59

I have emetophobia, the fear of throwing up lmfao. o.o

Answer #60

thin white brick, the old stuff with the chalky white paint

I dont know why…

Answer #61

I am afraid of cute boys I cry when I see them ps im 11

Answer #62

I basicaly pass out whenever I see blood.

Answer #63

it probably sound a lil weird and please dont judge me because it im deathly afraid of midgets and also birds

Answer #64

My greatest fear is being molested by a roving gang of super models.

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