Fear of hair?

So I know this is weird but I have a phobia for stray hair
Like while its on your head its fine, but the minute it falls off I freak out
Well at least as im not touching it.
Does anyone know the exact name for the phobia I have?

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used to be when I was 3 in the bathtub...

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this is a very strange phobia I know someone who has a phobia of the colour black

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dude. I have the same thing
I CANNOT stand stray hairs, its so nasty.. when I was little, I would be in the tub, and my parents took the hair out of the brush and throw it in there, and id get so scared, id be crying, and to this day, im still afraid of stray hair.
the funny thing is, is that I love to cut hair. its interesting having me cut your hair, because if I get a long hair on my hand, ill be like "EW get it off get it off get it off"

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Chaetophobia - fear of hair

dunno about a specific phobia of stray hair

Chronophobia is the fear of what

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^^^lol im like that too

how old are you normally when you start having pubic hair?

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