Any weight loss advice for a teen girl?

I’m a 15 year old girl. I know I’m over weight. Like WAYY overweight.

Honestly, I eat healthy. But I don’t eat a lot. I have friends who are wayy skinny and eat soo much more than me. I exercise everyday. Walk, jog a bit (I lose my breath pretty fast, I had asthma as a kid), and have gym class 2 or 3 times a week. We do sports like Basketball, Badminton (which keeps me running all class as I’m very competitive), and weight lifting. I do everything I can without overdoing it.

I truly think I may have just been plagued with being fat. But does anyone have any advice on what else I can do? Eating healthy and exercising obviously isn’t working. I mean, I’m not gaining weight, but I’m not losing any either.

Has anyone else had this problem? What else can I do?

IS there anything I can do?

Answer #1

Well, honey I’ve got the same problems and I’ve cut off soda from my diet for good. ^^; I exercise regularly and man it’s come off slowly, but very easily. It’s always good to eat different servings of fruits each day, especially grapefruit. It cuts down some sugars in your diet and, also detoxes your system from all the junk foods you “did” used to eat. You can’t always expect the weight to vanish so quickly. But take your time and relieve some stress with some Yoga, and have things like Non-Fat Milk, which is pretty sweet like Soy Milk. I’ve found out that it’s a lot easier eating small portions at least 4 times a day. But don’t stress out about it. Also, juices seem healthy, though..have too many sugars that cause weight gain or the weight to stay. ^^; I used to be 250lbz, and now I’m 217. ^_^ - Jilliana Michelle. www.a social

Answer #2

When I was 15 I weighed around about 202lbs I believe thats about 14 and a half stone, I ate healthy or so I believed, it wasnt until I started counting calories that I relised were I was going wrong. I ate chocolate in moderation. But what is moderation? moderation for me was 5 times a week. I ate white bread. I ate white pasta. I would skip meals. The trick to it all( the reason im 9.7now)

Whole grains. Fruit. Dark chocolate ( if I really need it) natural sugars (honey,Fruit ect) Smoothies( make me full for hours) Eating often( every 4 hours) Exercise (Walking 1hr a day, Jogging 10-30mins everyday, Weight lifting, Skating 5days a week) Drink water. ( tastes nice after awhile ) Dont drink soda. ( drink diet if you must but try to avoid it completly as it produces a insulin responce that make the body store Fat/Carbs) Its easy, I try to eat 1400-1800 kcals aday as this is my bmr range.

And through it I’ve learnt to eat healthy and exercise whilst having fun. Btw im 16 now :)

Answer #3

im 5”3 and weigh around 110-120 I exersize everyday for at least 30 minutes and eat lots of vegtables and fruits stay away from fast food, burger kind mcdonals, ect.

Answer #4

I would be careful if I were you and talk to a doctor their are so many things that can trigger an asthma attack. The best thing is to talk to a doctor and the doctor can prescribe a healthy diet or what you need that will help you lose the weight you want to lose.

Answer #5

Ok im having the same problem!!! im 15 also and have lost ten pounds already. I really want to weight like 150 though!!! I dont eat breakfast lunch, or any snacks, and usually go to thee gym every day.

Answer #6

hi im 14years old. I use to wiegh a lot through out my whole life. in 5th grade I decided I had to do something. so through 5th and 6th grade I ran drank only water and cut down on my eatin. I then wieghed 117. (dont forget youo are built sometimes the wAY your parents are) so I hadf a big boned structure. but after 7thgarde I gained all m,y weight back. now I am 170 and 5’6”. I dont look to over weight but I feel it and my scale looks it. I run in the mourning and at night everday. I need help on how to lose weight fast bfore school starts. the worst thing to do this is give up. dont give up! contact me and I am turning 14 and if any girl in the position I am in now wants to talk to me contact me! please

Answer #7

hi im am turning 14 years old and I wiegh 170lbs and im 5 foot 6. I am over weight. my aunt is helping to put me on weight watchers and im am gona try my hardest. I only have a month until my freshmen year starts and my goal is to lose atleast 15 pounds. throughout my whole life I was over weight and in 5thgrade I decided I wanted to change I lose 25pounds and wieghed 117. thats rele good for at my age. but after 7thgrade I gained it all back and more. I have cried over my weight and I’ve been very depressed. but I wont give up. I have a goal and that is to wiegh at least 140lbs. if any of you girls are struggling like me please contact me id love to talk!

Answer #8

Dear XX

Physically you are not working your body enough. a lot of people think if they walk or jog 2 or 3 times a week they should be in shape and because they are still heavy, they feel being thick/heavy is just their body make-up. This is wrong thinking…

If you are doing physical activity 2-4 times a week and are still heavy this is just your body telling you that you need to “change-up” your workouts. You may not want to hear this because this means you are going to workout a lot harder, but in the back of your mind maybe you know this is what needs to be done.. either way start concentrating on eliptical or exercise bike. Once you have access one of the two, funmail me back and I will give you workouts that will create physical change. Familycoach

Answer #9


The way to lose weight is through healthy diet and exercise. Eat 4-6 SMALL meals a day, consisting of lean meats, whole-grain starches, fruits and vegetables. Set up your plate so 1/4 is meat, 1/4 is starch, 1/2 is fruit and veggies, and there is minimal fat.

If you do this as well as drink 8 glasses of water a day and exercise for 30 min a day a few times a week, you will see healthy results.

Good luck.

Answer #10

im not rele big, but im not rele small either..I want to weigh 130 pounds..thats my gonna exercise 5 days a week and walk or run a mile or even more every time I get on the tredmill…I no thats a good way to lose leg fat, but what about stomach fat and arm fat, buts not too difficult to work with, and im also eating a lot healtheir. Can anyone help me with that?

Answer #11

Hey im also 16 years old and recently I went to this really great weight loss camp and I learned a lot and the object is to burn more fat and calories than you consume by doing this it will take off pounds instead of just keeping your weight the same, and remember to write down everything that your are eating!! Good luck :)

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