How do tall people wear heels without looking weird?

Hey there, well basically I am 5ft 11 (yup, am pretty tall for a 16 year old) and I love boots… especially the ones with the beautifully stylish buckles etc… one problem.. they always have heels.

I’d love to be able to wear heels, however I would be a 6ft some odd giant!!! Are there any other people out there who are my height or over that do wear heels?? How did you find it? Was it embarrassing?

May I note that my partner is 5ft 10 (ish) and I don’t want to be incredibly tall, towering over him!! Funny but intimidating!

Or does anyone have to soloution to tall people wearing heels without being noticed so much?

Much appreciated


Answer #1

I’m currently 5 foot 10 1/2 and I’m your age. I wear heels really often, I just try my hardest to embrace the height I am. the best part is I’m friends with a lot of really short people. and really the only thing you can do is wear the heels and let yourself feel comfortable and ignore any one talking about how giant you are. I have a friend who is 6 foot and two weeks ago she was wearing 3 inch heels.

Answer #2

um 5’11 and I just got sum 4-5in heelz 2 day and let so 1 mentioned before its all about confidence…^.^ you have 2 love urself in heels before anyone else can!

Answer #3

guys get over yourselves - by getting over ME in your high heeled BOOTS!!! I am 6’3 so beat that biatches. I am 16 and I have seen loads of taller people who don’t go around having meegans about their height in high heeled shoes. My boyfriend of 2 and a half years is 6’5 and doesn’t even seem that tall to me. Get some peroxide and boots and wear them with pride!!!

Answer #4

Heyy, Im 14 and 5’9” you can wear heels anytime, just make sure your partner is cool with you wearing them. Like I have dated shorter guys that have said that they like me in heels and others that prefer that I wear flats. Really it depends on the person.

Answer #5

ok. first of all you have to have confidence.who cares what your partner or anyone else thinks about you. if they make fun of you then they obviously aren’t the one for you anyway. im 15 and about 5’9” which is supposedly tall for a girl. and you know what? sometimes I am self conciouse especially since my best friend is like 5’O”.but you get through it and tall people can look just as sexy in heels as any short person with our long legs and torsos.dont be embarassed be confident with yourself

Answer #6

im 5’10 nd 15 nd i havent grown much since i went into yr 7 (first yr at secondary school) nd i was 5’8 then nd in yr 6 i was alway called BFG which meant big fat giant nd i wudnt even wear heels cos i fell ova nd made a fool of myself at a party when i was in yr 9! so embarressing!!!

Answer #7

Hey girl! Okay I’m 5’9, yeah two inches shorter than you but in this day and age still kinda tall. I use to be called the giant with or without heels. Now that I’m older and more confident I have noticed that when I wore my first pair of heels to a bar I got noticed big time. Not in a bad way but good. I got hit on so much and it suprised me! If you have the confidence to wear the heels then do so. Look at some models who are as tall as us and they wear heels all the time! I now own about 10 pairs of heels and I would say 6 out of 10 of those are seriously 3in or more! But I have to confidence in myself and I know it I have that then I feel like I look good and so it actually makes me look good! The only thing is, your 16. I never wore heels until I was 18 but hey, if you like them than go for it. The best heels in our case is the wedge heel by the way!

Answer #8

it’s not how tall you are, it’s how you wear your heels. If you think you are too tall and feel awkward, you’ll look that way. Have confidence and you can pull off anything. You could be kind to your partner and just wear flats all the time… boring! be considerate of your boo’s feelings though. You don’t want to give him a complex or something, lol. luckily my boyfriend is 6’3” so I don’t have an issue with being taller than him, even in my highest heels. But I know what it feels like to tower over people and have them complain that I’m too tall… I’m at least 6ft+ when I wear heels. but still, you just gotta work it. my issue is finding shoes that are big enough -_- im an 11… sadly many shoes only go up to 10. my bad for having big feet, lol.

Answer #9

if your worried about just make sure the heel isnt super tall

Answer #10

Hmmm who changed the question title!? I never wrote that, I wrote “Advice on heels (as in the shoes)”

Answer #11

I am 5’10”, and I would kill for a chance to grow another inch or two. (Obviously not really “kill”, lol.) I love being tall, and adore heels. All of my heels are 4 1/2 + inches. Then I actually feel tall, haha. I feel moderately tall at 5’10”, but I would absolutely LOVE to be 5’11” to 6’. I say wear heels all you want! I do, no matter what others think. Go for it. :D

Answer #12

Hey, dont worry bout it, im 6ft 2 and im 16 and I wear heels when my boyfriend tries to look really macho Lol. He’s 6ft 3 so heels make me slightly taller than him and he thinks its sexy… being tall isn’t a bad thing at all, its just bloody hard finding jeans long enough or tops that dont show 3 inches of my butt crack everytime I lift my arms up or sit down… I used to get really worried about my height but u’ll get over it, just stand up tall and be proud of your height… don’t slouch u’ll get painful shoulders and, like me have to have an oporation on your shoulder blades to put them back where they were… good luck! xx p.s you wont look weird, u’ll look elegant :D x

Answer #13

I used to feel like that a lot. I’m 5’9 and I always used to think I was way too tall, so imagine wearing heels right. and at one of my graduations everyone was goign to wear heels and I really wanted to aswell, so I went and bought a pair (about 3 inches) and I was still so tall,Sometimes it would be difficult especially when I feel like everyone is watching me, and taking the bus was always a nightmare becasue I could have sworn I nearly reached the top of the door I never wore them again. but recently I went shoe shopping and tried on even bigger heels (round 4-5 inches) and I know I was over 6ft, the only difference was I felt so confident in them, and I felt good and sexy, it was a big contrast to my flat shoes. so at the end of the day I went and bought them, learnt how to walk in them (confidently) and now I just love heels even though im really tall. so all I got to say is, it could be hard wearning heels without feeling like the odd one out especially when all your friends look way shorter than you, and you start to feel paranoid on the street thinking everyone is looking at you,but you just got to think, who gives a damn let them watch me, I look good and feel good and if they dont like it thats their business. I knew I wasnt going to miss out on heels just because of my height and now I know I get a lot of attension when I wear them, and it aint ever a bad thing. so just work your stuff and be confident because it always helps. I know it helps me

Answer #14

Confidence. Nobody will ever think you are stupid if you stand up to your full height and face the world.

Tall women are intimidating because they have such an amazing and strong vibe. I’m 15 and about 5’9, which is taller than average.

I’m taller than a lot of guys in my year, but I wear heels all the time! Heels can make you feel more beautiful and more confident about yourself.

The biggest thing with wearing heels, is you have to rock them. No second guessing yourself.

Remember, you are beautiful, no matter what.

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, whatever you are, rock it!

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