Why don't tall girls wear high heels?

Ok im tall— and still growing {{CrInGe}} But what I never see is tall girls wearing high heels(I meen 4-5? inches high)

Id love to but I feel gaint! Like I tower over peeps!

Or is it just people who are shorter that wear heels?

Answer please…

Much Love x

Answer #1

I 5ft 10 and I always waer heels, im going out tonight and wearing 5 inch heels, yeah I feel extremley tall but I always have girls coming up to me saying you look amazing, you should be a supermodel.. this makes me feel good and more confident. so whatever height you are, you should definatley wear heels, they good on ANYONE :)

Answer #2

I’m 5”7”. I don’t wear heels because it makes me look like a tower. my boyfriend is 5”9” so I always avoid wearing heels. I don’t want to be taller than my boyfriend xP can anyone help me? I’m having my graduation prom night and I couldn’t figure out what should I wear with my dress. heels? then I’ll be taller than my boyfriend. I don’t want to xP help!

Answer #3

I am 5’9” so I really dont like wearing high heels either. I live in an area where there are a lot of hispanic and mexican mixes (short ppls)and me being tall blonde stands out a lot. but I do like to wear shoes with open toes, kind of like fancy sandals lol (and I dont mean flipflops) , they look sexy and dont make me seem taller.

Answer #4

anyone can,

if it makes you feel beautiful wear it, people come in all sizes and you’re just blessed to be one of the taller ones.

try out for americas next top model ( :

tall people are perfect and don’t worry about being “ugly” they like people who don’t look like cheerleaders, people with a bit of ugly originality to them.

Answer #5

I’m TINY small, so I can’t answer really but my friend is mega tall and she says she doesnt like wearing them because they make her tower over people even more.

However I’m small and don’t wear them, simply because it’s too much of a difference going from being small to ‘tall’ within 2 seconds lmao.

Answer #6

I’m tall and I wear them anyways, sometimes you may feel out of place, but it all depends on how you take them and use them, you shouldn’t care about the rest all you have to care about is how you look on them. XOXO

Answer #7

I’m tall, and I guess I kinda feel like you do. I wear 3 inchers, tops. :) Unlike most tall girls, I like the feeling of being extremely tall, I’ve kinda gained a rep off being tall at my school. :)

I won’t wear higher than that though, because I’m too insecure to. And so do most other girls. They think, “what’s the point if I’m already tall? sandals are my thing.”


Answer #8

I feel the same way, I am 6’0’’. and I stick out ANY WHERE but I see nice shoes and I think OMG I want those. but then I sit back and try them on and stand up and walk in them and I meet some short Mexican lady that stares at me like I’m god-zilla… and it’s just like SMASH! all hopes of wearing high heels is GONE!… I love being tall and I hate it.

I weare high heels if it goes with the outfit like a dress or skirt. HELL even jeans sometimes. but I tend to not wear them because… well It’s rather hard to find a tall guy and when you have 5 inches MORE added to your heigth Its hard to find a good compromise.

Hope I helped?


Answer #9

The tall girls I know don’t wear heels because they don’t want to tower over everybody.

Answer #10

Hi I’m 6’2”, I have gone out in 3.5” heels before and it felt great and people were amazed at my height but I didn’t get one negative comment, mostly I had guys look at me more saying how good I looked. I’m going out tomorrow night with my Husband (who’s 5’8”) to his work Christmas dinner and I have just bought myself a pair of sexy 4” heels and I was a bit unsure if I should wear them as I am the same height as a door and will have to duck slightly to get through but my Husband wants me to wear them and cant wait to show me off, so what the hell, I’m going for it. I wont know people’s reactions if I don’t try.

Any guys who read this: what would your reaction be if you saw a girl in heels at that height(6’6”)?

Paula x x

Answer #11

Since when don’t they?

Answer #12

I used to feel like that a lot. I’m 5’9 and I always used to think I was way too tall, so imagine wearing heels right. and at one of my graduations everyone was goign to wear heels and I really wanted to aswell, so I went and bought a pair (about 3 inches) and I was still so tall,Sometimes it would be difficult especially when I feel like everyone is watching me, and taking the bus was always a nightmare becasue I could have sworn I nearly reached the top of the door I never wore them again. but recently I went shoe shopping and tried on even bigger heels (round 4-5 inches) and I know I was over 6ft, the only difference was I felt so confident in them, and I felt good and sexy, it was a big contrast to my flat shoes. so at the end of the day I went and bought them, learnt how to walk in them (confidently) and now I just love heels even though im really tall. so all I got to say is, it could be hard wearning heels without feeling like the odd one out especially when all your friends look way shorter than you, and you start to feel paranoid on the street thinking everyone is looking at you,but you just got to think, who gives a damn let them watch me, I look good and feel good and if they dont like it thats their business. I knew I wasnt going to miss out on heels just because of my height and now I know I get a lot of attension when I wear them, and it aint ever a bad thing. so just work your stuff and be confident because it always helps. I know it helps me

Answer #13

I know a girl with really big boobs who doesn’t enjoy them because she’s so self-conscious, like she wants to be part of the group of jealous girls who call her a cow. Meanwhile, the flat girls are all going for breast enhancement implants. Who are you living your life for? Do you need to subscribe to the “Average People Club” where being tall or fat or short or smart is frowned upon? Average people are just that, they’re average. That means they belong to the largest group. That’s the definition of “average”. It’s also the definition of “normal”; falling into the largest categories defined by a normal bell curve.

Celebrate being tall by being taller! If you are a large girl, you probably have proportionately larger feet, like size 10 or bigger. Great! That means you can get even taller heels. Try platforms too. Go for a look. But, be hot and sexy as well. Wear nice clothes. Never dress to look cheap. Instead, be classy and stylish. When you enter a room, make men want you and women want to be you. Expect jealous comments and stupid tall jokes. The dumbos will always be with us. Own it, be it and go for it.

Answer #14

Tall girls aren’t that hot. There just to big.

Answer #15

well like so many people have said, me being 5’11 I never wanted to be any taller. I have just recently bought my first pair of heels that I think are sooo adorable, now I just need sumthing to wear with them. I would be wearing casual wear because dressing up is so not my thing.

Answer #16

I’m a 19 year old girl and am 5’10” tall. I have never had the confidence to wear high heels before, I never liked being tall, I always felt so insecure about it. I am taller then all of my friends, and while they go out in gorgeous heels on a friday night…I wear flats. But now I am saying STUFF IT! I went out and bought myself a pair of 4 inch heels and I LOVE THEM! I LOOK AMAZING IN THEM! I don’t care what anyone else thinks, as long as I feel good =] So all you tall girls out there BUY YOURSELF A PAIR OF HEELS AND WEAR THEM! KNOWING YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!!!

Answer #17

I am 17 and 5”11, I would absolutley LOVE to buy some heels, I always see nice ones around, but whenever I have tried them on in shop I feel like a man in drag :( im so desperate to buy some heels because flats get a bit boring after a while. after reading these comments I have got more confidence about buying some though :) xx

Answer #18

I’m 5’10 and I just wore 4 1/2 inch stiletto’s on Saturday to the bar. Yes, everyone turned and looked at me and yes, there was only 2 people in the entire bar that was as tall as me, but I never felt so good about myself in my life. I received many compliments too! Be the one that stands out in the crowd, cause if not, than you’re just like every other girl.

Answer #19

Some do it anyway. But stilettos are very uncomfortable and will damage their toes and back overtime, luckily, most of them understood that they are already so tall it’s not worth going through that much hassle for just a few extra inches. ;)

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