Can animals get std's?

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wellll...monkeys get idk !

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yes,they do get but very dog had spots on his place

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ewwww seriously!

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There's also a form of 'Feline AIDS', although it's more commonly spread by bite / scratches (to other felines).

Here's an article about animals + STD's that might help you understand it better: [link removed]

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Woah, link removed - sorry!

discovermagazine [ . ] com/2008/sep/09-how-often-do-animals-get-stds

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if they do I would have to question who is doing their pets!?

Animal Smartness

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Just as you can trace mammalian evolution through physical and cellular characteristics, you can corroborate this pattern through the parasites and diseases that evolved with them. You may be familiar with cancers and arthritis in your four-legged pets - each species has its own fleas, tapeworms, ascarid worms, chlamydia, gonnorhoea (e.g. horses, cats, dogs), herpes, flu, t-cell leukaemia (the mammal version of HIV occurs in several non-ape species), and so on.
Creationists try to explain man's diseases as being caused by various types of historical wickedness. Why a creator would have inflicted the same diseases across whole classes of innocent animals - other than to regulate their populations by prolonged suffering, perhaps, is another of those divine 'mysteries' that we're supposed to accept as valuable - simply because they're intriguingly contradictory..

Look here!! animal...

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